Thursday, 3 April 2014

Project HeroQuest: Heroes

Ooops, it's being a harsh week, more than I anticipated. Though I've been working on several projects at a time, I have little to show, I'm afraid. The big issue is that I have finally found the courage to start a project I had been cherishing for a looong, looong time. A clue, just in case you haven't read the title: It's HeroQuest.

I have not taken part in the so famous new 25th anniversary HeroQuest crowdfunding. I won't start a flame here over the subject; I just wasn't interested in being a backer of that bussiness. Maybe in the future you'll see me being a customer, who knows, but definitely didn't want to be a backer.

Anycase, when the crowdfunding started, I already had the idea of repainting my classic HeroQuest. This was the game that, as a child, totally captivated me and made me start on the hobby. A new world of fantasy in miniature opened in front of me. So, after this long, I finally decided myself to put some paint again over those minis of old.

I had to search all over the house, as the pieces had scattered through the years. I believe I now have most of them; at least I have almost all the minis, as I got the expansions and some other minis came to me all over the years.

Oh, ok, enough chit-chat. At least a pic!

First step. The heroes, of course
Nothing too original, just the classic minis in the classic colours. I painted these some time ago. I was unsure of what to do with the bases. Sculpting floor tiles was simply too much work, I finally went on the easy way and chose the solution of making them in plain earth so I can use them for other wargames.

I also thought of using different schemes than the original ones (specially on the wizard!), but I finally opted for the classic one, it was just too iconic for me to ignore it!

So it all starts here... During the following weeks (or most probably months, considering all I have to paint!), I will be bringing the enemies and other stuff.

HeroQuest is back. The adventure is coming...