Monday, 14 April 2014

RT Bestiary: Psychneuein

I have named this project this way, but for sure these minis can stand for several other ambientations. The first time I saw these minis, the word 'Psychneuein' was the first thought that came to mind. I'm talking about these fantastic 'Space Wasps' by Akky, the mastermind after Akula's Galactic Armies:

Go check his blog, won't be disappointed
 He doesn't run a company, just enjoys sculpting and has the capacity to craft a few models for anyone interested. All his not-Dune range is simply amazing, and if you have seen any pics of his work at Salute 2014 you'd know of what I mean.

Anycase, I was talking about the Psychneuein:

The wasp, black primed
Those among you who are into RT fluff may remember this nasty bug; for the rest, let's just say these beasts just look like giant wasps. They come from the Warp, the psychic dimension, and predate upon unprotected psykers. They lay their eggs (psychically projecting them) into the psyker's brain (uggg). Once infected, the poor psyker slowly loses intelligence until he dies or suffers from the perils of the Warp, whereupon multiple psychneuein will erupt from the corpse (bigger uggg).

Not that bad looking wings for such a disgusting creature
I didn't think the black/yellow scheme would work fine on these models. At least I didn't thought I could make it work. I rather opted for brown instead.

I know, they look black, but they are dark brown
Some highlights here so they look better
I painted them kinda quickly, considering that I was using quite a limited palette. The results made me happy enough.

I tried to somehow mimic the insectoid aspect of compound eyes. Not satisfied with the result here, but well, I tried.

I can hypnotize you...
On the whole, I'm satisfied with the giant bugs, they should be fun to play.

But of course, not only for RT! They can be a dreadful enemy for any ocasion and ambientation! You can make an idea of the size with this pic.

I'm pretty sure you weren't in my original game...
That's all for today. More dreadful enemies coming soon...


  1. Good idea, I have a couple of DnD stirges that could be used for the same thing...
    For insectoid eyes, I like to apply a thin mithril silver glaze just to give this special gloss ionsects have.

    I like those !

    1. Thank you! tried to paint some small hexagons, but your method looks way much smarter!

  2. They are splendid - sort of an Unholy mashup between bees and a Dr Who monster. Well done.

    1. Haha, the Dr. Who reference made my day! :D Love that! Thanks!

  3. Que maravillas Suber!!! me gustan esas moscas.

    Un gran saludo.

    1. ¡Muchas gracias! Son curiosas, un cambio siempre es refrescante.

  4. Replies
    1. ¡Gracias, me alegra que te gusten! ¿Te da ideas para tu propio HeroQuest...?

  5. These are great Suber. I will definitely pick a few up from Akula.

    Incidentally, I dont think that Akula sculpts the miniature ranges himself, he just commissions them as far as I know. Ian Mountain (who sculpts some stuff for Crooked Dice) sculpted many of the not-Dune figures I think.

    I could be wrong - maybe Akula sculpted the wasps - but I dont think so.

    Im definitely getting a set of Space Wasps no matter who sculpted them :)

    1. Oh, I wasn't aware of that, just assumed he was the sculptor. My fault, I just get captures by the shiny pics and don't read :-X

      Anyway, they are lovely sculpts, you will enjoy them :)

  6. great minis and great paint job, they can be used as a nikerbrikers too

    1. Haha, there are a thousand uses for them! :D