Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Orpheus Khaled, bounty hunter

Well, looks like we could add some unexpected fun to any urban scenario involving Arbites and/or fugitives. What about a bounty hunter? When I saw this mini by Heresy Miniatures, I knew I wanted it. It just has the same low sci-fi urban aspect I was looking for this RT project. I could use it just as it is:

Well, now he looks a little pale, give me a moment, please
I only added him a sword, in order to warhammerize him a little. However, you remember the issues I faced with my previous mini, the outlaw, regarding the gigantic sword. I worked on something smaller here:

Cut and paste frome here and there
It was made by using the blade of a power sword of unknown origin and the hilt and ferrule from an old Space Wolves knife. Nothing too elaborate nor too big (well, it is going to be big, but you know how this works...)
Once painted, I only had to add a strip for the rifle, made with green stuff:

Beige guns are standard these days
As I was not converting the mini, I thought it could be nice painting it in comic-style colour pattern, just to make it look prominent on the table. Maybe he is too much a mix of Akira and Fry, but the leather jacket was asking for a motorbike looking.

BTW, Han Solo called, he wants his pants back
The mini is great by itself, and can be used ad hired muscle, rogue operative, outlaw fugitive or, as I am using it for the moment, a solo bounty hunter who may have some interest in hunting down any fugitive with a juicy warrant on him...

Scenery to be added in the future
Orpheus Khaled was once a local bailiff at Murghalabad. Hard place to play only at one side of the law. He eventually ended up using his police skills to ensure he was not caught on his smuggling and 'private security' issues. He was suspected to be part of a local anti-imperial cell and in fact was involved in an Arbites investigation on the subject, but he finally flew out of the planet and started a wandering, errant life through all the sector. At some point he discovered his abilities could be used to put down people just like him, so he begun a bounty hunter career, happy to have a daily challenge for a living. Last seen near the Besenval Port facilities, looks like he might be following the track of any of the dangerous scum dwelling the area...


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! It is still to be seen if I can finally put this to a worthy end!

  2. That does look good mate. He'd make a good hunter in a multitude of games

    1. I believe so; if painted in a grey-ish or brown-ish palette, the guy could fit in any post-apoc environment with little effort.

  3. Nice job on this guy and the outlaw Suber. Heresy make some nice figures and you have done some good work on these guys.


    1. Thank you! They do indeed, don't they? I'm constantly browsing for suitable minis for this project, I may have spotted now some Reaper and LAM. Agh! I need time!

  4. Heh heh ... yet more Han Solo references. Now if only we knew which of the two miniatures above shot first. :)

    1. Hahaha, the Han Solo trousers pattern is your fault, you suggested it!! :D