Thursday, 25 June 2015

Dropzone Commander: The Scourge

Behind that intriguing name lies an army of relentless aliens which have proved themselves quite troublesome for mankind. The Scourge minis are absolutely different from the UCM ones, they have a heavy Giger-esque aspect that makes them quite unsettling.

Marauder dropships
Though I must confess they weren't my favourites at the beginning, I've become quite fond of their alien designs and shapes, they look strangely appealing to me.

Invader APC
Just like the UCM pack, the starter contains dropships, APCs, tanks and infantry.

Hunter Tanks
Reaper AA
Warrior horde
This is how they look like when they gather for war:

Ready to harvest another planet
I went on this dark grey scheme and I think it works, but on a second thought I believe I could have risked more. Don't know, a more fleshy, organic touch could be interesting, maybe some glossy effect... I may repaint or add some effects on these, but for the moment they're done.

Now they need some action! Battle report coming soon!


  1. You are spot on about the Giger-esque aspect of the ships. It would have been cool if you could achieve a metallic black/blue alien-skin effect on them. BUT they look great as they are too. I especially like the fact that you did not obscure the texture details of the ships after painting.

    1. Wow, thanks! I may think of repainting all the set sometime in the future, so I'll see what I dare to do then... :P