Monday, 22 June 2015

Dropzone Commander: UCM

Another jump, another project. You know how my mind works, I need the challenge of being constantly doing different things :P

I had these pending for quite a long time (I sometimes have the impression that this applies to every bit of stuff I post over here!), they belong to the starter pack of the game, which I got as a gift. Dropzone Commander is set in a future in which mankind has been expelled from Earth by hideous aliens. Torn apart between the former colonies (United Colonies of Mankind, UCM) and a faction that abandoned Earth on the eve of the invasion and now coming back again (Post-Human Republic), they both have to face each other, the evil alien invaders (the Scourge) and the misterious alien race that once enhanced human technology but required their service as fodder in their own wars in return (the Shaltari). Those are the four races that struggle in the game, each one with their distinctive style in warfare.

The minis are really cool, I desired them as soon as the game was released, but it's not been until now that I've been able to put my hands on them. The starter set brings two races, the United Colonies of Mankind and the Scourge. Both sides comprise a few air transports, ground transport units, infantry and tanks, so quite balanced starter. Today I'm bringing the humans.

Condor Dropship
Three of them
 The essence of this game is made up of transport flying carriers like these. There was something about their design that got my attention the minute I saw them. They carry these ones under their bellies:

Bear APC
Rapier AA
Sabre MBT
If coming into 10mm scale was not enough, there is some tiny infantry too!

Legionnaire Platoon
So this is how my new madness begins, I'm into a new scale! (Oh, dear, what am I doing...)

I simply couldn't resist, they are really nice and when put together they have this gorgeous look:

The other half of the set is on its way, you'll see them all later on this week...

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