Thursday, 16 July 2015

Relic Knights (Pt. 3, girls & bikes)

A bunch of minis, today the true core of the Cerci Speed Circuit set. Some flying bikes!

But first, another unique character, called Rin Farrah:

That should be the one on the right
I experienced some trouble with this mini. First of all, you can see the problem with the sniper rifle. I tried to bend and reposition the barrel, but that is all I got :(
Besides, this girl is virtually faceless. Only the eyes were properly casted (well, its anime anyway, couldn't expect otherwise, hehehe), but the nose is barely hinted and the mouth is inexistent, I simply painted it where I supposed it would look nice. Hm.
On the other hand, the dog is really nice. In fact it's not her familiar (I believe), but another character's, the so-called Suicide Queen:

Once again, some problems. Don't get me wrong, the mini design is gorgeous. Both concept and design. Dynamic, challenging. I want to believe that the master sculpt is good, but the casted copy I got had several flaws. Not only the underdetailed face, but a big mess (like a huge mould line) all over the chest. Quite annoying, I must say.

Anyway, there are some more riders, Hell Belles:

Slaanesh? Never heard of her, why? The electrowhip, you mean?
Oooonce again... The casts weren't the best, but at least decent. The issue here was that I had three bikes... but two bodies! The third one was incomplete, lacking the legs. Grrrrr....
Fortunately, the KS provided me a metal mini out of nowhere. I guess I did notice years ago, when I first got into the KS, but I currently have no memory at all. It's a metal copy of a character ('Princess Malya'), but I used it as another regular minion (sorry for the demotion!)

'Queen' sounding on the background 'I want to ride my bycicle, I want to ride my biiiike'
So well, I'm a little bit disappointed with this particular bunch. Quality is below my expectations, and I cannot but feel that I put my money for a product that had suffered delays beyond any reasonable limit... to just get this. Not cool, bro, not cool at all.

Well, I just have one kit left to finish the starter pack, Princess Malya on her big mech. But once again I'll take a break. Well, kind of it. I'm currently working on another different piece at the same time and it will be ready during the weekend, I hope. Won't spoil the surprise, but I'll say it's another different kind of bike...



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I must confess I was kind of upset with the undetailed models, and I think I took that onto the paintjob, I've been a little bit sloppy with these. Anyway, I'm moving onwards!

  2. Spacey boobs and jet cycles. Awesome!

  3. These are extremely cool and dynamic miniatures. And I can understand how you feel about bad casts. Since I hate prepping, I have always had trouble preparing a miniature for priming and painting ... especially when they require a lot of fixing. When I first started out in this hobby, I didn't realise how badly things like mould lines or damaged details can affect a paint job. It took a lot of heartaches before I learned my lesson to properly prep a mini before painting/priming.

    1. Yup, you're totally right! Sometines mould lines are quite disencouraging, but you can handle them (I must confess I have even ignored them sometimes, if they were soft and on regular troops minis, not intended to stand out). However in this case they were really annoying, and the lack of detail on the faces due to the cast was a real setback. Grrrrr...
      Anyway, the mere concept of the bikes and the dynamic poses are really, really cool :)