Monday, 24 August 2015

Archive pics: Kil Blasta

I told you I was bringing up some of my oldies I hadn't shown over here. Reviewing pics of minis I took long before I started the blog I've realized I have a few interesting things (and lots of junk, hehe).

First thing I'm showing out of that bunch is this FW Ork Kil Blasta.

Just out of the junkyard
I painted this one by the end of 2011; mostly 'just because', as in fact I never got to deploy it on the battlefield. Stuff this size begins to be out of scale to me, it's not manageable. I really have some issues about deploying a 6x4 ft. table at home, so these battle monsters become kind of useless to me on a regular basis. Anyway, I really wanted to paint this one, so that's enough motivation for me :D

So I started, piece by piece (literally!):

The tracks. Gasp.
When assembled, they look like this
Here is the crew:

I love this one1
When you manage to fix all the hull, you get this:

Then it's all just a matter of details:

Moar color!
I specifically kept it dark; somehow I felt this was not taking an oldschool paint style quite good, and you have to adapt your brushpaint to the mood of the model.

So, after some heavy weathering, this was what I finally got:

Painting such a Leviathan has little to do with smaller, regular vehicles. You have to work on another scale and always thinking of the great picture. I recall having a really good time building and painting it. Unfortunately I never got to play, (and now I handed it over to other more capable hands in which I hope it gets some real action), but it would have made a true centerpiece for any Ork army. Anyway, the pleasure of having this one finished is compensation enough for seeing it departured to another home.
I cannot deny it, these huge kits are really appealing to me, they allow you to work on tiny details as well as great surfaces, and they are absolutely imposing. Never mind if I don't get to deploy them on the battlefield. My first try on that way was a Mûmak (which I believe haven't shown over here) and the experience is just the same, a beautiful piece, totally terrifying and more a showpiece than an actual gaming model.

I'd love to paint a Thunderhawk, for example (oh, how I'd love to), or an Imperial Titan, of course. I have my eyes on an Imperial Knight, and I'm thinking of possible conversions. Well, time will tell...


  1. Impressive, I'm not a huge fan of FW stuff usually but this one makes me think of amix between the latest batmobile and madmax (which is double fun).
    I'd be terrified at the idea of working on such a piece but you've already proven to be a brave modellist !
    Great job !

    1. Haha! The Mad Max influence is quite obvoius whenever we speak of Ork vehicles, but I hadn't thought about the Batmobile :D
      I really want to paint Epic Titans and stuff (and BFG too!), but from time to time one of these monstrosities is nice for a change. I can understand the modern fascination towards bigger machines and monsters, I just simply don't have the space or money to get some cool kits...

  2. That's a fantastic piece of work there Suber. To be honest, I think we all have figures that are "just because". I have all these Napoleonic supply wagons, most of them have never seen the battlefield.

    And the collection of Spanish priests.

    And the French officers duelling.

    And the Swiss regimental vivandiere.

    And the field hospital.

    And the blacksmith shoeing horses.

    Actually I may have a problem.

    1. Hahahaha, you are so right! The 'just because' has become a lifestyle by now! :D

  3. Amazing work, Suber. Specially after having seeing the beast in person! I personally loved to see FW models painted, but I don´t like assembling them... The experience is generally frustrating for those of us with few time on our hands

    1. The assembling was a little bit tricky, not all pieces fit nicely, and it becomes quite an annoyance with big kits. Anyway, I cannot complain, I enjoyed the final result. Thanks for your words!

  4. Excellent work!

    I agree with your sentiments about too big. Regular gaming tables are just not really big enough to field things like Baneblades, let alone Titans (even knight titans). What I really don't like in modern 40K though is flyers. It just seems so stupid to me to have aeroplanes zipping about the battlefield like hovercraft! And Apocalypse games just look like a parking lot. Anyhow, rant over; great work!


    1. Totally agree, Warburton. These flyers make nice objectives for a game and little more. If you recall back in 2nd ed., the Dark Millenium strategy card of aerial support was just about a dice roll. But I guess we should do the same about any artillery piece in the game, you know. Oh, so many examples...
      Anyway, there are some cool models that deserve to be painted 'just because', as said earlier :D

    2. I think as objectives is the only sensible way to use artillery and things like that; agreed! Because as you say, there is just a need to paint them - the use can be worked out later :)

  5. Super awesome work on the Ork vehicle. Fantastic piece of weathering. :)
    Did you make used of special weathering powders or was it all just painting?

    1. Thank you very much! It's all made using different colours, just layers and layers of rough paintstrokes, trying to combine mud and dust. The good thing about junk pieces like this is that you can never overdo it too much! :D

  6. Top Stuff mate! Those tracks look brutal!!

    1. Thanks! It's rewarding when you see all the pieces coming along together!

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks! It's Orky indeed! Bulky, chunky and dirty, all the Greenskin essence in just one huge piece :D