Monday, 21 September 2015

Battlefleet Gothic. My old Imperial Fleet

As these days I've been onto small scales, I remembered that I even had a smaller scale than 6mm! If you remember, early this year I posted my BFG Ork Fleet. Well, I haven't tested them yet on the table, my fault :(
But I've remembered that I painted this Imperial Fleet looong time ago, let me briefly introduce the ships:

Emperor class Battleship Orion
Dictator class Cruiser Athena and Mars class Battle Cruiser Perseus

Lunar class Cruisers Master of Cosmos and Atlantis

Gothic class Cruiser Solaris and Dominator class Cruiser Dauntless
I also made my own DIY star fortress, or more kind of a starship dock:

Star Fortress Penthesilea
Naive attempt made of tiny garbage about 15 years ago, give or take
But hey, it was designed with care
Besides, at some point I wanted to begin a Space Marines fleet, but only got to purchase my first Battle Barge:

The Octavius, belonging to the Ultramarines
Well, of course you can see they were painted loooong, loooong time ago, they need a repaint for sure. Not only because how chunky they look, I have another reason. As you can see, that fleet has a disturbing lack of escort ships. It's in dire need of frigates and smaller vessels. A friend of mine gently sold me his, but you can guess, I finally bought him all he had...

You know. These things happen...
So that's my perfect excuse to strip them all and repaint all of them unifying the style!
Agh! Lots of work ahead!! :D


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! They need heavy work, but I think they deserve some love ;)

  2. Replies
    1. ¡Gracias! La tengo que retocar y repintar, que es un poco cutre, pero creo que con un poco de cariño puede dar bastante juego.

  3. Me llaman mucho la atención esas naves estilizadas de la última foto... no estarás en relaciones con xenos, verdad?

    1. Jeje, son naves del vetusto Space Fleet, que desgraciadamente nunca llegué a jugar. Te recomiendo que eches un ojo a esta entrada del blog de Leadplague, hace una reseña muy interesante:

  4. Me encantan Suber, me has despertado el gusanillo para pintar mi flota de marines, que he de tener por ahí en los cajones olvidadas.

    Un saludo.

    1. ¡Gracais! Nada, te animo totalmente a que rescates tus naves, deseando verlas :)

  5. I don't know Suber. Your early work still looks pretty good to me.

    1. Thank you! Well, though I can say I was satisfied at the moment, I think I can do better, and putting all the ships together will require the effort, but I believe it will be worth of it!