Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Ballads of War 1x07

New page. Time to introduce more characters...

First thing here is that we learn something more about Brent. Looks like he's entangled in something big without having a clue of what it may be, hmmm...

But the important issue here is that we begin to recruit the team :) The character of Arbos Holdstat was something I deemed not only necessary for the development of the story, but appealing in other ways. I mean, a rogue tech-novice, had you ever seen that? :D
I simply envisioned him as a RPG player. Of course keep in mind this was 2005, way before the WH40K RPG games saw the light. I had quite an inspiration coming from the classic Lord of the Rings RPG and of course the Warhammer Fantasy RPG; the careers you could choose for your characters were absolutely delicious, they covered every corner of the fluff. Anything you could imagine was there, no matter how silly or rare. You could shape your character as you really pleased. Wow, that was great. Honestly, I haven't played the later WH40K RPG, so I don't know if that is possible (I hope it is!).

I digress. The point is that I was trying something similar here, so I came with the idea of an initiate in the science/art of 40K tech who had resigned. Maybe he begun to toy with forbidden knowledge (which, let's say it, that's a wide open category in this universe!) Maybe he was set for a lobotomy and scheduled to become a mindless Servitor, so he escaped before the sentence was executed. Then he learned to live on his own in a hostile galaxy. Half adventurer, half religious zealot (given that his religion is, of course, the Machine Cult). Maybe having a loose screw (pun intended). You know, a somehow interesting character with an unorthodox point of view about life.
These were the ideas I had behind him. Unfortunately the series never got as far as I would have liked to properly show his background story. I had a weird plot of him breaking into Necron programming on a Tomb World (you know, when Necrons were quite different from the current fluff). Maybe one day I'll explain all I had in mind, hehe.

But for the moment this is it. You can read the previous pages HERE.

Anyway, if you think this character was crazy... just wait to meet the next one!! :D :D :D