Monday, 12 June 2017

Colourful furs of Twilight

With this batch I can declare this project finished (for a while!). The last group I had remaining consisted of some Dhogu, a tribe of nomadic scavengers wich in fact are quite different from the other minis I painted before, starting for the fact that these have fur!

Given my previous experiences with the Skerrats and the Muppet effect, I knew from the beginning I had to try a different approach, in a paler scheme. My options were basically two: going for greys and cold colours (kind of the 'official' pattern) or just the opposite, a warm palette. Given that I've reached this point with the gaudiest colours imaginable, it looked quite obvious to me the path I had to follow ;)

However, I had to face the dilemma of how to confront this particular challenge. I had avoided all the earthy colours and possibilities so far, but this time I would have to inexcusably try some natural colours. However, I tried to oversaturate them, so the minis didn't look totally out of place alongside the rest. Besides, their clothes would serve the purpose of showing bright colours. Well, it sounded like a plan.

First mini, the Yirnak rider. This is the only cavalry mini I didn't use for the Wasteland mutants project, as it already had a rider. So the poor bloke is the only survivo, destined to its original purpose :P

Have you seen others like me?
The infantry proved as a nice challenge, chromatically speaking. I wanted to repeat colours as less as possible, but keeping the group into some visual coherence. Ifinally came to this:

Well, the Woodstock Festival fashion was unintended, ahem. I assumed they had to stand out if they were to be part of the same project I've been developing. So, instead of pale coats I favoured more colourful garments, kind of in the African mood I've talked about on earlier occasions.

Let's test my theory! Would they fit in the whole group? There's only one way to know! As I've finished all the Twilight minis I currently have (though I've been warned by my pal that he's commissioning me some more), it was time for a familiy shot:

Ouch, only now I realise I have used different colours for the bases edges
Ooops, looks like I still have some additional work to do! But for the moment I can call this a day and declare this (part of the) project closed. If any of these minis gets you attention, please don't miss the World of Twilight web. It's really full of pleasant surprises and a totally fresh take on fantasy settings :)

This is definitely not the last thing you've seen of Anyaral here, but for the moment it's time to get back to some of all my other abandoned projects. So more different stuff coming anytime soon!


  1. Cracking collection!

    I do love the charm of the Twilight miniatures and you've really done them justice!

    All the best!

    1. Not only the setting is original and refreshing, the whole range of minis is sweet, I've enjoyed going wild with colours. Glad you like them, thanks!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I had a real good time with all of them. Whenever I push forward my painting queue I think I'll get some more :)

  3. Quite a charming collection, it warms my heart to see them all together.
    They are very colourful together, but not overly so. Bold and beautiful.
    As for your latest additions, they look very much like a band of gypsies, only a guitar player, an old scryer and a belly dancer are missing. Oh and perhaps a wagon too. Being made up of nomadic Tribes, it suits these Dhogu.

    1. Gypsies, how didn't I think of that? I love the idea!
      Hmmm, I think Sarissa makes a gipsy wagon. Hmmmm......

  4. Great paint job Suber and they certainly do seem interesting. That family shot was epic.

    1. Thank you! They've been nice to paint, enjoyable from the beginning to the end :)

  5. This project has been a pleasure to watch - you've taken a really unique approach to all the colourschemes, but they work beautifully :)

  6. Thanks, I'm so glad you like them! But it's most definitely not the last you've seen of this. My pal still has a few more minis, so he'll eventually commission me.
    Besides, when I get those finished, I guess I'll have to order a few more... :)