Thursday, 29 November 2012

Armoured Men in Black

Let's see more of the Black Legion. Today we'll have a look to pretty old Chaos Terminators. Just like the other Space Marines, there is nothing else that harshly highlighted black and gold. The Champion has a grim skull for helmet:

Here it is the character of Abaddon the Despoiler, with a defeated enemy, a RT Space Marine from the Howling Griffons, depicted in their original livery, before Forge World released the new color scheme in black.

I chose this Space Marine Chapter for no specific reason but to show vivid colors. I thought it suited well to the composition.

Another example of how these minis were made more than 20 years ago:

I originally used 25mm. round bases, but as rules changed, I finally had to use these 40 mm ones. Nevertheless, the original base is still stuck in there, I made little mounds with green stuff, so every base looks like a piece of battlefield. The first banner I made was this one, with a classic Black Legion symbol seen in Codex Chaos:

This is the image of Abaddon and his bodyguards:

Some years later I changed my mind up and decide to give a completely different approach to the Black Legion. I wanted them to look not just any generic Chaos army, but as a proud ancient Legion which has not forgotten the roots of its origins. I decided that less spikes and mutations and more martial pride would fit well for the case. The first thing I used to make a difference was to change the symbol. Instead of the usual spiked eye, I began to use the Eye of Horus, as seen in the new banner:

Again, paper made

This is the finished standadr bearer. Same figure, different flag, no much else to say:

I added the crescent in resemblance of the Luna Wolves and as a badge of honor or so. It also suited with the idea of classic-looking and it introduced a heraldic element which was not so Egyptian.

So the unit finally ended looking this way:

I'll keep on showing you the rest of my army with this classic concept looks.

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