I aim to misbehave

Hello everyone!
This is the very beginning of my particular showcase of miscellaneous tiny artwork.
What would I say about me and -more important- what would you see over here?
Still on my early thirties, I've been painting miniatures and gaming, wargaming or just playing with little soldiers, adventurers and monsters for more than I'm capable of remembering. That doesn't mean that I'm any kind of pro. Not at all, don't expect awesomic magicwonderfulonius works to win contests, for I'm just an amateur who enjoys his hobby and who is constantly learning. Slowly, but learning.

Though I haven't played anything for a long, long (long indeed) time, I still keep on painting. Mostly Warhammer 40,000 and so, but not only. I'm moving into historical minis and different things, so let's discover where this road leads.
Sooo, that's what you'll get. My humble miniatures, sometimes sculpts and -ocasionally- drawings. You already know what to expect. Keep going under your own responsibility, for we're on the move!

That's my declaration of principles. Old School Workshop starting now. This I can promise:

I aim to misbehave.

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