Friday, 8 February 2013

Painting Dreadfleet: Curse of Zandri and Islands

Let's see if I can speed up this project and move on something different before you get totally bored of me.

The Curse of Zandri barely gets into this series, it has no rigging! ;)

I was tempted to put some thread on. Anywhere, it doesn't matter
But I was encouraged to let it be just as it was
Fantasy Undead Egyptian ship. Nothing else needs to be said
Some people told me that I didn't work out well the golden shiny pyramid. Probably they're right, but I didn't want to paint it again! Please, be mercy...

Let me show you the islands too, the models are fine pieces of art as the rest of the game:

Yeah, a castle on a turtle. Problem?
This is Warhammer. Skulls are essential
More skulls on the other side of the island
Skulls and a volcano
A volcano and skulls
My favourite one. Impressive
Skulls, skulls everywhere...
The rest of the bunch
Well, I've been short on words today, but there wasn't much else to say. I should have textured the rocks maybe, but I think they don't look so bad.

Let's see if I can end the Dreadfleet project soon, I'm eager to keep on showing different things...

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