Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Painting Dreadfleet: Flaming Scimitar & Skabrus

We see light at the end of the tunnel :) I'm bringing you the last two warships of the game.

This is the Flaming Scimitar:

Well, at least all of her parts
This is one of the most original concepts of the game, I love the idea of the elementals helping the ship.

Fire striking, wind blowing and water carrying. Wonderful
Rigging as usual:

Not much to say, you know
It's not always easy to find out where to glue the thread
As I told you, just guess the most logic way to distribute the pressure from the sails
I had a problem with this one that I finally didn't solve. Yes, the arabic domes. I wasn't able to make the pieces suit completely. I think it's due to the fire or the wind djinns, pushing the pieces out. But believe me, at tabletop distance it's not so awful as in the pics.

It could perfectly belong to one of the One Thousand and One Nights stories

The last ship (ship... whatever) is the zombie Skaven leviathan called Skabrus.

You don't see a ship here?
According to the fluff, the monster gulped a ship full of Skavens (rat-men, if you're not into Warhammer background). The rodents ate the beast from the inside out, but they all died. When evil vampire Count Noctilus found the dead monster, he resurrected it for his fleet, unaware that he was also bringing the Skavens back to life (or un-life, or whatever). The zombie ratmen allied to Count Noctilus and comitted evil plunder and un-lived happily ever after. Or so. Yes, these are the things that can happen in the Warhammer universe. Now you know what to expect from this model.

The Warhammer version of Finding Nemo
Thread has no much sense here, as this is an animal and the rigging couldn't possibly be tense and fulfl its mission. But oh my, am I trying to apply logic now? Seriously?

You knew this was going to happen
I fixed tense stayes and some random threads any which way
Unfortunately the interior of the beast cannot be seen, but there's some work there with bowels and stuff. Well, yeah, maybe it's for good.

We'll end the project in next Dreadfleet post, with the auxiliaries and some pics of the whole game.
Hope you're enjoying it!

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