Monday, 4 February 2013

Painting Dreadfleet: Shadewraith

I hope you are not getting too bored of seeing so many ships. Today you'll see an easy one, the Shadewraith.

White imprimation, green washes (with a little blue in the mix), then details. Just as simple as that
Once fixed, you should think 'well, it's done'

But you know me, it's not
Rigging here is a delicate issue. As it's a ghost ship, it cannot be just like the others. If it is to show a real phantasmagoria aspect, the rigging can't be complete nor tense, as it was on other ships. I went for this:

Close-up booo!
But, of course, you can see brown thread totally out of place in that white-green set. I painted it in accordance to the ship. Not only makes it look better with colour, but cables also get some texture and become a little more rigid, so it makes the impression of floating with the rest of the warship:

Really dready
So it's quite simple as you can see. No complications, but the result is good enough for me.

Anybody there fancy to do the same with his/hers models? Come on!


  1. Very nice work on this Ghost Boat i like the color

  2. Thanks! I enjoyed this model, simple as it is. The idea of ghosts carrying the ship over the sea is funny, and you can get some interesting results on this one with little effort.