Monday, 25 February 2013

Spanish ISAF Soldier (Pt.1. Beginning and weapon)

Hi everyone!
Today I'm starting a new group of entries concerning a single project. I will be alternating projects as I've been doing so far, just not to bore you with the same stuff. But if you prefer otherwise, please let me know ;)

The title says it everything. I have long time wanted a figure to represent a Spanish Soldier serving in Afghanistan as part of the International Security and Assistance Force (ISAF). The lack of this kind of product all over the companies I've visited made me take the resolution of grabbing the bull by its horns. If it didn't exist, I'd have to create it.

I was looking for some piece for exposition rather than wargaming (that will be another absolutely different project -but not today), so I aimed for 54/72mm. Finally I chose the 72mm. Knightmodels Navy Seal as a starting point.

Yeah, I chose a scuba diver for a desert trooper. That's how my mind works, don't ask.

I most probably won't be using the flippers though

Well, well, well. There's a lot of work to do here. I chose this model basically for the legs and the head. I would have almost nothing to touch up in the legs, and the boonie was perfect for my purpose, as I didn't find any helmeted head suitable for my intentions. 'What happens with the rest of the model, genius?' I can hear you asking.
The first problem, and probably the most challenging, is the weapon. The basic design of a M-16 differs from the G36. Let's do it Sesame Street style with some help from Wikipedia:

This is a M-16

This is a G36
So, what could I do? I went on green stuff:

I have no idea of what I'm doing


Hey, where did that come from?

Well, close enough for me
Okay, it's not perfect, not even by chance. The muzzle and the whole barrel are different, but that doesn't specially bother me. So it is the grenade launcher, but I didn't dare to remove it because of the soldier's hand. I tried to mimic the G36 designs, but trust me, once all this is painted in black, no one will notice the differences :P
I did not finish the whole butt of the weapon, as it has to fit in the arm of the model. Maybe the sculpting is not pro, but I think it will work for my purposes.

Hope you like it, let me know what you think!


  1. Sculpting this takes more time than I thought, I need to learn patience, I nearly ruined it trying to sculpt when the previous green stuff was not cured yet :(
    But the uniform part is going faster that the weapon, you'll see results soon ;)

  2. I follow you Suber , i stand the next step ;)