Thursday, 11 April 2013

Futurama crew

Hi there!
After the LoTR massive amount of minis, let me change for another thing :).
I am getting fond of sculpting. You saw the troll in the last post ;). Of course I know nothing of that art and I should work a lot before I dare to sculpt a mini from scratch, taking care of proportions and so.
But I thought it would be fun doing little conversions on minis. Step by step, you know...
I had been thinking of this project for a while, so I finally went for it.

No complications on my part, I simply headed up to reliable Hasslefree web and purchased these two minis:

HF "Barney" and Female Armature
Fry was quite easy to do. Scooby Doo's Fred Barney's mini was a nice start point. I just had to add the jacket and the spiky hair, apart from converting the shoes into sneakers.

I feel different today...

Leela was a totally different issue. First of all I filed the eyes (that sentence would be awful out of context, yuk!) and replaced them for a single eyeball. Then I had to dress her up

Ongoing work...

... Finished work!

Bender was not a complication, as you can imagine. Simple lines

Watcha doin', fleshwad?

Benders gonna bend
So it was time to paint! Dazzy cartoon colours, of course. This is Philip J. Fry. ):

Not sure if I'm a mini of a cartoon or a cartoonish mini...
As you can see, I also sculpted some floor like the Planet Express ship (yes, I could have purchased some resin slottabases and it would have been much better, but I did not have the patience for that, and this project was all about learning how to sculpt).
This is Captain Turanga Leela:
Am I posing badass enough?
This one was a little tricky. This HF 'Female armature' is gorgeous, of course, but it's too... 'voluptuous'. I had some issues with the cleavage (another misfortuned sentence if taken out of context...), trying to get close to the cartoon but in this 'kinda realistic' style.

Aaaand... Bender B. Rodriguez:

Kiss my shiny metal ass
As I was 'reinterpreting' the characters and doing them less-cartoon but still in a cartoonish way, I ws unsure of what to do with Bender. Keeping him just like the show? Making him slightly different? Should I paint him in metals? (of course nothing about NMM, I'm, too oldschool for that!) I finally decided to leave him the closest to the original, I think it's for the best.

The family photo looks like this:

Futurama music playing now. The miniatures show
So, this has been my experiment. Did you like it? Would you like to see more crazy things like these? Just let me know what you think! :).


  1. I am not yet passed the stage of painting, or conversion, but I find here this superb work, big bet in painting, I like

  2. Superb conversions and brushwork top stuff mate!

  3. Thank you both! This was a 'just for fun' experiment, so I experimented with cartoonish characters, that makes it easier. I've enjoyed it pretty much, so I'd like to do some more projects like this, let's see if I can improve my skills...

  4. Fantastic looking figures, just like the cartoon characters.


  5. Thank you very much! These crazy ideas come to me from time to time, I enjoy this kind of project :)

  6. Bueno, bueno, que sorpresa, tenemos un escultor en La Armada. De verdad que tienes mano para esto, enhorabuena tío.

    1. Huy, qué va, me queda mucho todavía por aprender. Apenas estoy dando los primeros pasos...

  7. Fenomenales! Desde luego de falta de originalidad no se te puede acusar... Estos proyectos "sin sentido" son los que más molan. ;-)

    1. Sí, es cierto que es lo que más se disfruta. Soy consciente de mis limitadas capacidades, pero aun así me gusta ver el resultado final. ¡Gracias!

  8. This absolutely amazing, man! Kudos!

  9. Haha, thanks! I looked for Futurama minis, but when I saw there weren't any, I accepted the challenge of sculpting them. "I'll build my own minis... with blackjack, and hookers!"

    (PS: If you have not seen that Futurama episode, you won't get the joke...)

    1. Sadly, anyone who visits Reddit semi-regularly will still get the joke.

      Nice work here, and it shows how careful selection of the starting mini can make or break a conversion.

    2. It is! All the credit here goes to the starting minis, I wouldn't have been able to sculpt them from scratch!

  10. Replies
    1. Thanks! Enormously fun project, hehehe!!