2nd Ed. Shokk Attack Gun

Some 2nd Ed. Orks again, freshly painted.
The Shokk Attack Gun is maybe one of my favourite weapons of all times. It's full of that absurd black humour that Warhammer 40K used to have. The easy explanation for those not into the game would be something like this:
The base of the social Greenskin pyramid consists of these tiny creatures called Snotlings. Just cannon fodder, more even than Gretchins. Poor guys, always bullied and abused by their bigger cousins. The best example of this is the Shokk Attack Gun.

This weird weapon is able to open a fracture in reality itself into the Warp. Nobody knows how the hell Orks have managed to develop this, but as long as they believe it works, it will work. This portal to the Warp dimension allows short travels through space (more or less just as spaceships, but in a lesser way).
Poor Snotlings are pushed into this crack in realspace and the gunner Ork opens the other side of the portal at will (more or less...), so the effect is sort of a 'shot' of infuriated, scared to death little green beasts, which suddenly emerge from nowhere onto the enemy, babbling, screaming, biting and scratching anything, traumatised as they are after the horrendous experience of travelling unprotected through the Warp.

Yeah, I know, if you are not into Warhammer, now you should be kinda stunned, mumbling something like 'WTF is this...' Sorry, WH40K is a rough universe and old gamers are used to make fun of that. Our fault.

Now let me introduce our lovely cannon fodder (literally!)

As you can see, they are wonderful hilarious sculpts, very Oldschool, full of tiny details everywhere.
And the final shot:

Smile, little cousins, smile now that you can...
Rules for this weapon in 2nd Ed were great (as all Ork weapons by then), absolutey random and as dangerous for the enemy as for the gunner. Shamefully they changed with later editions of the game. Now you can't use these herds of Snotlings. A pity.
Seeing these, don't you think they deserve something better?


  1. Very funny miniatures and great paint , good work .

    1. Thanks! They are fun, really fun, that was the concept of this game years ago, I try to keep its original essence :).

  2. Classic mini's and a super paintjob. Love the randomness of shokk Attack gun's and the miniatures are of course ace.

  3. This weapon made terminators shit in their pants, since it had a special table for them, with the snots getting inside the armor and biting the space marine.

  4. Thanks, folks! :)
    Right indeed, the absurd randomness of this was great, one of the best thought out rules of this edition, full of imagination and creativity. The concept of small Snotlings appearing from nowhere in the inside of a Space Marine armour or a Dreadnought, scratching and biting in despair is simply genius!
    I think of them as tiny sort of Jim Henson puppets, kinda 'Labyrinth' or so :D

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  6. I really like the Shokk Attack ork!! Nice work :-)

    (I accidentally deleted my comment, silly me!)

    1. Hehe, thank you! My pics are awful as always, but the mini tries to be kinda hilarious in a fierce sense, I'm trying to explore that aspect.