Monday, 27 May 2013


Some other Orks today, part of this 2nd Ed fever :)

Let's begin with a Speed Freek, an Ork Motorbike:

'Red things go fasta' is a common issue for Ork Kulture
Current models are bulkier and more dreadful, but this model still keeps that 90's spirit...

Hiya, little cousin!
But let's go on other machine... The Smasha Gun:
Yup, this is a gun. Ork cutting edge technology
If you remember the rules for this weapon, the gun shot a beam of 'traktor energy' and lifted the objective high in the air above the battlefield. Then the Gretchins shut the beam off, making the objective fall down and crash, hopefuly even smashing some other enemies (but if they were too enthusiastic and didn't control the beam properly, the victim could fall anywhere, even on themselves!).

Life is hard for tech support Gretchins
One of the things I most hated from the changes in 3rd Ed was the simplification of Ork weaponry. The designers totally drove the Ork charm and personality to oblivion. The goofy artillery, always as dangerous for the enemy as for yourself, was one of the funniest and greatest things of any Ork army, and was suddenly reduced to simple weapons with low aiming skill.

Well, that's it for today, I'll give you some more 2nd Ed love soon ;)


  1. They look great! These are two of my favourite pieces of Orky technolajik... technolojolo... Orky know wotz. I was sad when all the fun support weapons were left out in 3rd edition as well.

  2. Bikes in red, of course. Because red things go fasta. Everybody knows that. That's why everything was painted red back then, as Ork Lords of Legends know.

  3. Thanks, guys!
    These gunz were the best of the best. The crazyness inside the mere concept was great. I still keep a couple of weapons which really need to be repainted and updated. Ahhh, lack of time...

    And of course the bike must be red! GW Red Period, you both know ;)

  4. Arhh i have yet to buy/trade for any of the 2nd Ed crew served Support Weapons, but my fav was always the Pulsa Rocket. Never a fan of the plastic bike, always preferred the RT Bikes

  5. Agreed, RT bikes were superb. Not sure about my own Ork artillery favourite piece, each weapon was truly, truly great.

  6. Fantásticas Suber!!! buen trabajo.
    PD: tengo unos cuantos eldars de la vieja escuela rondando por ahí, te los mando sin compromiso, vamos que son tuyos si los quieres.

    1. ¡Muchas gracias! Las fotos se comen los colores, pero en mano se les nota algo más de diversidad en capas de color.
      Huy, muchas gracias por el ofrecimiento, ¿pero seguro que no los quieres? Yo estoy hasta arriba de figuras pendientes, eso sí...

  7. Love those 2nd Ed Space Orks. Great paintjobs!

  8. Thanks! My pics are awful though, some colours look burnt, they actually have some more variety in colour scales