Playing WH40K 2nd Ed.: Remembering the rules

After the RT campaign you have already seen, it was time to play some 2nd Ed.
I was totally rusty about the rules. Besides, a friend who had never played wargames wanted a baptism of fire. So we chose an easy way of approaching the game, we played the first Armaggedon Scenario which was supplied within the 2nd Ed. box. Five Space Marines and thirty Gretchins. It was enough for us to cope with. I didn't have any Blood Angels Space Marines, so we had to play with Ultramarines:
I really have to work on the scenery issue

Ultramarines also fought in Armaggedon, so fluff respectful 100%

Full scale battle. 2nd Ed times...
Nowadays it looks impossible playing Warhammer without giant war machines of apocalyptic destruction power. But for me it's perfectly ok fighting these small skirmishes, where each man (or alien!) counts.

Gretchin jam on one side of the board

The Space Marines and one of the Gretchin squads stood still to fire as much as they could, while the other two Gretchin squads advanced in order to be able to shoot at the Marines. 
Man down! Man down!

Advance and shoot those nasty aliens!

Beware that flank!

The Space Marines adopted an open formation and used the flamer to burn some Gretchins.

I can't remember where I keep my 2nd Ed templates, so we used this one
The flamer not only inflicted casualties, but made another Gretchin catch in flames. The poor guy just escaped yelling (in the pic below, the one with the die). Each subsequent turn, the Ork player will have to roll a die to see if he still keeps burning (with chances of being injured, of course) or if he manages to put the flames out.
Ow, ow! Burns, burns!
The Marines decided to charge the enemy:
Smash them, my brothers!
This should be decisive, as the Space Marines strenght and skills are way much better than the Gretchins. Maybe this was going to be the turning point in this battle...
Die, alien scum, you die!

The Sarge and the flamer Marine even made the Gretchin Squad to demoralize and run:

Turn around! Run run!

The fleeing Gretchins even reached their burning fella:
I'm still in flames, don't run, don't let me hereeeee!!
The poor guy finally died because of the burns, and the other Squad decided to take over the other fight:
Oh, man, seriously?
The third Squad surrounded the Sarge and flamer...

... and shot him down.

The little green tide was overwhelming for the other battle brother:
However, he killed three little beasts before he fell
And this was the end of Turn Four, so the end of our introductory battle. The result? Two surviving Marines and a Gretchin Squad:
Let's call that a night and let's come back home

Space Marines got 1 victory point for each Squad they totally annihilated (so 2 points for the blue guys). Gretchins got 1 point if they killed 3 marines (2 if they killed them all), so they at least make some score!

That was the battle, it was fun taking this back again, with a few minis on the board and some individual actions which made the difference. Pretty nice enjoyable game, it made us want more. So it was fine, that was the whole point of this little skirmish!

I'll bring you some more 2nd Ed adventures as soon as I can! Hope you like it!


  1. Excellent! I love the battle for Armageddon scenarios, they are nice an simple without big characters and psykers. I really thought half way that the marines were going to lose. But I guess they were still tough enough to win! Great fun, I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Nice batrep with the classic rules. I'd check the charge rules though as i'd of though you of had to charge just one squad. But thats me probably being even rustier!

  3. It's funny that you said that, Simon Q... because Suber said the same thing! (He was the gretchin player)

    I'm fairly confident (say... 70%?) that you can split your squad in a charge, since you don't have to respect squad coherency while in close combat. Anyway, we though it was appropriate for a side which only had 4 soldiers to split them. ;)

    A very fun evening that one! And there's still one battle left from that day. :)

  4. Hace tanto que no puedo jugar, que ver este articulo me pone los dientes muy largos, una partida espectacular . Eso sí, esa jarra de cerveza no pudo evitar captar mi atención, jejeje

    Un gran saludo.

  5. Fantastic mate, i love the 2nd ed CC rules, the stacking of attacks around each person allows even Gretchin to win combat :) love it.

  6. Thank you all, pals! It was great, great fun, I had wish playing back 2nd Ed again for a long time, I truly enjoyed it.
    The Armaggedon scenarios looked like a natural decision to begin to remember the rules, but this is only the beginning!
    We played another game that same evening, but I need to introduce you the minis we used there first ;)
    You will have them next post :)

    @Larana: ¡Muchas gracias! Fue una batalla muy simple para recordar las reglas más rudimentarias. Muy fácil de jugar en unos pocos minutos. Tendré que ocultar la cerveza, no sea que me lean menores de edad... Jajaja

  7. Maldita sea, ahora estoy yo preguntándome quien tendrá los manuales de 2ªed. con la que comenzamos a jugar con 12-14 años...
    ¡Cada marine espacial un héroe! así es como tendría que seguir siendo, y no jugar con la plaga de armas de FP3 actual.

    1. Jeje, para todos los de nuestra quinta, la Segunda Edición es mítica, nos marcó mucho a todos. Yo invito a todos a recuperar algunas partidas (o a conocer esta edición a todos los que no la vivieron en su día)