Monday, 3 June 2013

Real Scale Crimson Fists Space Marines

The veteran WH40K player will already know what is this all about, but let me make a brief introduction for the rest. In the Warhammer 40,000 universe, the Imperium of Mankind counts with the best of the best troops ever, the Space Marines. They are genetically modified humans able of almost anything imaginable and, according to the background, they are real giants amongst the rest of mankind, towering warriors with their distinctive bulky armour.
However, the actual minis do not show that, and the Space Marines are just as tall as any normal human (and their rules don't show them as the killing machines they are!). I've been trying to solve that for many years, inspired by true genius sculptors all over internet.
Alongside the resident contributor of this blog, KeyanSark (man, I should post a label with your name!), we faced (another) absurdly fun project some time ago: We would build up a five men Squad of giant Marines in order to play them with those 'movie marines' rules that were released some years ago (in which the Marines were indestructible and acted as movie characters. We will talk about that another day...). I would sculpt and he would paint.

The idea was to have a Sergeant, a Champion, a heavy weapons man and two regular marines. This was what we got. These are the sculpts:

Terminator legs with green stuff
And some hairstyle
Hairstyling everywhere
People who knows what they are doing tend to use plasticard. The only material available for me at the moment was green stuff, I didn't have patience enough for going to a shop for proper supplies.

Preliminary aspect
The Sergeant breast plate should be totally heroic:

Roman-style, with horses and a face, almost 'Gladiator' movie
So should look the Champion:

I'm cool and I know it, baby
Then wait to see me painted
 Regular chainswords looked ridiculous in these beasts' hands, so I used two chainswords for the Sarge's weapon:

Looking much better
Now with extra decoration
The 'regular' Space Marines were as bulky as the characters:

I had to do some extra work on that arm later
I still have to learn lots of things about green stuff
I had to face the same scale problem with the missile launcher, the normal one looked petty when held by a realscale marine, so I added a plastic piece to make it look 'normal'.

He's looking at an internet ad: 'enlarge your missile launcher'

Now you are asking: 'how do they look next to a 'normal' marine? Do they look as big as you pretended?' Well, I'll let you judge:

No steroids, just a balanced diet.
And the group photo:

The Magnificent Five
Did you like them? Then wait to see what did Keyan achieve:
The Sarge
Another view
The Champion

The missile launcher
The knife guy
The bolter guy
  We made up a name and a full story for each one of them, making real heroes of them with their own background, but I'll talk about it another day, this entry is becoming too long now...

For the moment let them be just as they are:

The Heroes
Another size comparison pic

I promise you will see them in action soon, quite soon...

Hope you like them!


  1. Great work , and great paint , really nice models .
    Greetings .

  2. Can I ask where did you get the Ork cranium? Or, in other words: do you have any spare ones for me? *-_-*

    The marines are amazing, but I alredy told Keyan and you that, didn't I? ;)

  3. Thank you both! These have some time, but I hadn't shown them properly over here. You will see them in action on next battle report ;)

    PS: Rodrigo, I believe I still keep one or two 'skullz', remind me for next battle, I'll see what I can do :)

  4. Suber, a work like the emperor gives the orders!!! You have made me surprised, and the whole spectacular process. Congratulation for it and great greeting.

    1. Thanks, pal! It's a real compliment coming from you!