Monday, 1 July 2013

Archive pics: Eldar Harlequins

Some other things I painted last year.
These Harlequins were made for a friend as a commission; he provided me all the minis and wanted me to make them up in a classic/homogeneous style, trying to mix these two generations of minis and make them looking not too different.

Eldar (a stolen borrowed name GW took from Tolkien, meaning 'people of the stars') are the Space Elves. This race is divided in many branches, scattered through the galaxy, since they were taken to the brink of extinction milennia ago. One of these branches is the 'Harlequins', half warriors, half artists, custodians of the Eldar Knowledge in their Black Library and worshippers of the Laughing God.

I found it particularly difficult finding a proper scheme or colour pattern. They have traditionally been depicted quite similar to what we understand for a 'real' harlequin, with diamond pattern clothes or a jester appearance. My friend didn't want that, he asked specifically to ban the diamond scheme, so I looked for a more alien approach, trying to keep the essence and the 80's looks. How would I make them gaudy and classy at the same time?
Well, easy, making them just gaudy and forgetting about the classy thing :P.

Let's see them:
If you look closer, there is trimming all over the coat

That stain on the loincloth tried to be a trimming too


Yup. Harley Quinn WH40K version

That's it! Let's have some group shots:

The Troupe
Yeah, you got it right. Space Elves in tight pyjamas

Warrior dancers who worship a Laughing God

In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only... dance!

I toyed a bit with the jester idea (More 'jester', less 'harlequin', it also suited the fluff). I would also had like to explore the Venetian mask idea, but I finally let them the way you have just seen. I did almost nothing to the bases, in order not to draw attention from the mini itself. Just neutral grey rubble, to make the eye focus on the Harlequin.
This was the flashiest style I was capable of, trying to be consistent with Eldar Harlequins background and being respectful with the 'no-diamonds/not-the-same-that-everyone/not-grim-colours' requirements at the same time.

Imagine, you are a soldier of the Emperor of Mankind, defending your filthy trench. After days of starving and boring shifts, suddenly some colourful dudes attack you dancing and leaping all over. No wonder there is a word for describing fear to clowns. Brrr, shivering!


  1. Great work Suber. Harlequins still have a massive appeal to this day, otherwise I'm sure they would have been Squatted years ago, and it's great to see your interpretation of them.

  2. Great paint Suber ,i like the colors and very nice models .

  3. Fantastic work! You should make closer pics to make it possible to examine the work. What a pain to paint so many different Harlequins, every one a different one... I was curious to see the original ones (25mm) near the new ones (some 30-32mm). In your pics they dont look so different!

  4. Thank you all! :)
    "Squatted", haha, I love the term!
    They have quite a distinctive style, but old and new minis stand alongside each other reasonably right. There are differences, of course, but the old ones don't feel that outdated.
    Trimmings and trimmings... That was a hel... Erhm... No, I mean... It was challenging. That's it. Challenging. :P