The rest of the Raptors

Here you have the rest of this army, as promised.

First of all, the masters of camouflage, the Scouts. I went on extreme military lookings (within WH40K parameters):
If you don't look at them constantly, you'll lose them on the board

I used the 'pixel effect' pattern to make them a distinctive unit. Cloths in greys and armour/cloaks in greens. Not exactly ACU/Multicam, but evidently inspired by them.
Oh sexy rear view

Even the eagle

The next unit is just the opposite, the Terminators, the bulkier and best armoured warriors in the Chapter:
Really big guys
I did them in the simpliest way imaginable. Nothing too ornate despite being the veterans of the Chapter. As you can see, they are just regular Terminators with shouder pads from Forge World. The only conversion is the ammo belt for the assault cannon (stolen from a heavy bolter).

And now, vehicles. The first one is this Land Speeder:
Green flying shoebox

And these are the tanks. A Predator:
Green armoured shoebox
A Land Raider:
A shoebox so big it even doesn't fit the background

And a Razorback:
Regular size shoebox

As you can see, they have pieces from Forge World (all the Eagles), Chapterhouse (the Predator front part) and PuppetsWar (the Razorback turret). Thay all help to make them a little more 'personal'.

Finally, here you have a shot of the whole army:

Oh, man, I spent the whole day painting my armour in green and now they send us to the desert?
Hm, they look darker in this last pic, hadn't noticed.

Well, that's it, my attempt to achieve a 'different' Space Marines army, in a more military setting, not those usual flashy colours. With that white Eagle on black shield, they really look like a futuristic 101st Airborne Division, which in fact I don't dislike at all :)

You will see some of these Marines in action next week, in anoher 2nd Ed. game. Stay tuned!


  1. Great work here Suber , the camouflage is very realistic , i love it , great work .
    Vincent .

  2. Thanks! It's close enough for me, at least for this environment!