Monday, 15 July 2013


I have recently painted some Ork Freeboterz, so I've decided to show you some of my oooold minis too. I painted this unit long time ago. As you can see, I not only painted them, but converted some of the minis too.

Orc Pirates in space. Can anything better even exist?
I made some three-cornered hats and longcoats with green stuff, nothing too elaborate. The Nob is from the Black Reach box (it has an eye patch! It necessarily had to be here!) and I sculpted a parrot for his shoulder :P
Absolute sea dogs. Whatever.
But, as I was telling you, I have recently painted some new guys. Here they are:

Trying to innovate with the trousers
Bright colours, this is 2nd Ed., after all
Sing!: A pirate I was meant to be, trim the sails and roam the seas...
Now some cheating: These two are not Freeboterz minis. The first one is a Death Skull Clan Ork and the other is a Runtherd. But that was what I had and they suit in here quite reasonably:

Oh, c'mon, I even have a hook!
The same I can say about this one. I had just a Snakebite Clan torso (from a Boar rider). I sculpted all the bottom part and took advantage of the fact that it had a banner pole, so I made him the leader of this bunch:

Of course I made a peg leg!
Arrr! Ya landlubbers!
The complete group:

Board 'er!!
So that's it, I believe you can see the evolution in my style/technique/whatever. I still have tons of old Ork stuff I haven't shown here, but I'll bring some different things first, just to avoid saturation :)


  1. Your work with the orks is, as always, amazing.

  2. They look great! Alien pirates should be a staple of all war-gaming if you ask me.

  3. Nice job on such classic miniatures

  4. Hehe, I'm glad you like them! Freeboterz are some of my very favourite ones! I even considered the idea of raising a whole 'pirate Waaagh!', but -whew, that's a total challenge!

  5. Really nice and very good paint and details .
    Greetings .

  6. Waaargh me hearties! I like the bright paint schemes!

  7. Haha, thanks! Ork powa for da win!