Thursday, 28 November 2013

Zombicide (Pt. 7, the last Walkers)

Project Z finished! :D

Here you have the last bunch of female zombies, that makes the game finished.

This is the original model, as usual:

Wooops! Problem with the skirt

And I'll go on an increasing converting scale:

Dancing zombies!
 I just twisted head and arms to the one on the left and added some hair. The other one has also some more hair and some more skirt :P

Fashionable zombies!
You can see we are in cold November as my minis wear coats and stuff like that. If I sculpted them in august most probably they'd be in bikini or something.

Til death do us part... and beyond
This one is to go alongside the Godfather Fattie :D (the groom was never found)

I told you last week I needed a cheerleader!
And the final piece and more converted mini on this round:

Yup. A damn zombie astronaut. Deal with it
Whew! This has been the long journey converting Zombicide. Total crazyness, right, but now I can say I own a totally customized game no one else has. Mwahahaha!!

Now you have to see them in action! Next week I'll bring you an AAR, so we'll see how they behave. See you then!


  1. Excellent conversions and paint jobs!

  2. Great work on this project, love the astronaut. Good news about the AAR.

  3. Thank you all! Now the game has some variety ;)
    I'll post the AAR next week and we'll see if all this work really makes the difference on the board :)