Monday, 20 January 2014

Some Taliban forces

As the title says, today I'm bringing you the oposing forces to my Spanish ISAF soldiers. All of them are from Empress. Superbly sculpted, I have tried to make them justice.

You will see I have used a limited palette. This is made on purpose, as Afghan people don't tend to wear a great variety of colours on their clothes, nor gaudy designs (but for special occasions or celebrations, which, of course, is not the case). So you will see the classic shalwar kameez, some vests and a few military clothes, taken from the ANA, Western forces or who knows where from.

OK, now the pics!

Mortar team. Dreadful indeed
Cavalry to the rescue!
Shooter and spotter
And a variety of Afghan guys with a combination of weapons:

And a final group shot:

Demonstration at the local town hall
As I have not still read any rules for gaming with these people, I was not sure of how many models was I going to need, but I guess these will be more than enough for a start. You can see they are heavily armoured and have a large variety of weapons. I hope this will give me different options for a number of scenarios. I also have a couple of vehicles (one per side), I'll try to show them as soon as I can.

I'm using the Skirmish Sangin ruleset, so I'll let you know when I read the book and begin to plan some action. Hope it is anytime soon!


  1. Well, looks like you got yourself a nice table, nice terrain ,and 2 very nice armies here, I guess now's tghe time for some guerilla ! Interested in seeing how the ruleswork to recreate this stressfull type of combat.

    1. The Skirmish Sangin rulebook looks dreadfully complex to me! :(
      I still have to fully read it, but it is totally complete and it looks quite realistic. Give some time... :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! You have seen them in real life, you can judge if the pics make them justice.

      BTW: You all will see them in action soon. Very soon...
      But... in an unexpected way ;)

      Ah, the mistery!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! Those minis are lovely sculpted, so it made everything easier!

  4. Esos talibanes están geniales (se me habían pasado por alto!) Sin embargo, creo que a la base le falta algo... probablemente con unos toques de Amarillo Desierto consigas que se integre mejor con el tablero.

    Espero el informe de sangin, a ver qué tal está. Yo sólo llegué a probar el Ambush Alley... y la verdad es que me gustó.

  5. Tienes razón, debo retocar las bases, las pinté sin tener en cuenta el tablero. Tengo que solucionarlo... ¡Gracias!

  6. Muy buenos esos insurgentes. Te recomiendo muy mucho el "Skirmish Sangin" para jugar pequeños escenarios; es genial.

    Un saludo!

    1. ¡Muchas gracias! Es el reglamento que pretendo usar, pero soy muy vago y todavía no he sido capaz de leérmelo entero :(
      ¡Le tengo muchas ganas!