Chaos Sorcerer. Sorta of it

I have realized I had not shown the mini we used in last week's AAR to represent Khornelius. Well, where do I begin with. It is a conversion from the bad guy in the oooold board game called Dark World; you may remember it from early nineties, one of those games which turned out to the public after HeroQuest tremendous success.

I kept the mini and I believe I was giving it an use as a fantasy Sorcerer. But I was playing no fantasy games at the moment, I was only into 40K (not that I was playing, but still painting and collecting; I believe many of us have gone through that phase).
Original mini with eye harming brushwork

I decided I could do something different with that. What if I turned it into a 40K Chaos Sorcerer? Hmmm...
Green Stuff to make him look like a Space Marine

Rough WIP, but you can see the psychic hood

More GS to cover the reptiloid tail

Then paint it! Ta-daa

Of course this is a quite naive sculpting work, it was one of my first attempts on heavy conversions. All the edges should be sharpened and many, many things should be redone.

So this is another oldschool axiom: never throw away anything, sooner or later you will find a use for it!


  1. Thank you very much for that mini!

    Now it lays in a prominent place in my display cabinet. :D

  2. I actuially spotted it in your last batrep and forgot to ask if it was a complete creation (I didn't recongnise the starter model). Now you answer me without having to ask the question !
    God, every time I see you using some of your sculpting magic, I tell myself to try it too.
    Great job, I love the egyptian blood angel look of him !

  3. Great job and conversion Suber .
    Greetings .

  4. Very creative use of the green stuff! =) Currently I have been in the painting and collecting phase ever since I started collecting W40K stuff about 3 years ago. I am starting to think I may never game. lol ^_^

  5. Thank you all! :)
    It was just an experiment, but it wasn't that bad if you look over it on the whole. Funny thing, I really think last week's AAR has been the only time the guy has seen some action in all these years since I converted the mini. The 'painting but not playing' phase can be an issue!

  6. Buen apaño Suber, poco a poco se le coge el gustillo a la masilla.

    Un saludo y nuevamente buen trabajo.

    1. Bueno, esto no fue más que un ensayo, pero siempre es agradable hacer cosas con masilla y ver cómo cambia la figura original. ¡Gracias!

  7. That guy looks great, he has a great super-villain vibe. The ambitious green stuff work really paid off.

    He looks a bit like a Word Bearer to me. Is that intentional?

    1. Thanks! Yes, that was my original intention, making him some kind of Word Bearers Sorcerer, hence the colours. It just happened that we used him as a Khornate guy just because of the very same colour scheme! Ah, the irony!