Thursday, 9 January 2014

Spanish ISAF Soldiers 28 mm. (Pt. 1, converting models)

Another change for today!

It has been a long, loong time since I have been pursuing this project in my mind. It has been not until now that I've mustered the courage and time to face it!

You can easily find lots of companies producing US or Brits soldiers, but there is nobody manufacturing modern Spanish soldiers, so I had to look for something similar and then try my best with green stuff. The most obvious option is to aim for German soldiers, as they are using the G36 and their equipment could be somewhat converted. My first choice was Eureka, with their lovely and complete range. However, shipping costs made me think twice about it. It was then that I found the gorgeous 'German Marines' by LAM. Just a pack of five, enough for me getting started with this project.

Pic shamelessly stolen from Lead Adventure Forum. The place where the genius live. Go visit.
I'd had to rearrange some details here and there, but they are perfect for my purposes. Now a quick round of crappy pics:

The blurry pics are awful, but they are enough for showing what I've done to the minis. As you can see it's mostly about the boots and badges. The last one needed some additional work as he is supposed to carry a MG-4. Not perfect at all, but my hope is that no one will notice when painted.

I aim to achieve (more or less) what I did with my 72 mm. Spanish Soldier you have already seen here, but 28 mm. this time.

Here you can see the work on the back; vests and stuff:

This is how they look after white priming:

Now you don't see the putty
As I'm saying, they are not 100% exact detailed replicas of Spanish uniforms nor gear, but for the non-counting buttons people, they are more than nice and for sure they work.

You'll see more quite soon!


  1. Otro proyecto interesante! Y yo con mi ambush alley abandonado... :(

  2. Fantásticas! buen trabajo Suber.

    Un saludo.

  3. ¡Gracias a los dos! Es un proyecto bastante personal, estoy deseando poder jugar. Esta ambientación es nueva para mí, me apetece mucho. En breve espero poder poneros más cosas :)