Monday, 17 March 2014

Archive pics: Dark Angels

I'm afraid I'm kinda cheating today. Well, sorta of. Let me explain :)

While you are reading this I'm abroad due to work issues, so this is a programmed entry. During this and the following week you will have some pre-programmed stuff I had made some time ago. So hence the shortage of entries last week -I was looking for old pics and uploading here in advance!
I hope I'll get some wi-fi anytime, but I'd rather have this done instead of posting pics by midnight in a remote hotel far from home.

Enough chit-chat! Let me talk about some minis!

This was a commission I took some years ago, for a friend of mine. A Dark Angels Venerable Dreadnought by Forge World. He gave me total carte blanche, so I even purchased myself from the store. I made a mistake and chose the arms compltely swapped, so here we have the first left-handed Dreadnought :D

I can kick your *ss however
I tried some weathering effects on the markings

I blame the maintenance team
Bunch of lazy guys
The stole has some writing on it: De Calibanis ad astra feriores ultionis

From Caliban up to the stars we are the bearers of vengeance
Dark Angels stuff, you know.

But that's not all, here you have another commission for a different friend. He had a pre-Heresy Dark Angels Terminator squad and asked me if I could make him a Commander out of one of them.

The original mini from my friend
Not precisely great, but I made it just in one afternoon, so I can declare myself satisfied.

The commander guy
I did not touch the legs, but by changing the position of head and arms, the mini shows a totally different attitude.

Green stuff cloak to match the hooded head
The rest are just random Dark Angels pieces
Look! Look how awesome and blurry I am!
Well, this is it for today. I'l be bringing some totally different stuff for later this week. Stay tuned! Even not being at home I still watch upon you... :P