Karl Franz

I'm still out of home, so this is a programmed entry again. I have painted this one the very week I'm writing this, so for you that is two weeks ago ;) (Ahhh, science...)

I used to have two Warhammer Fantasy Battles armies, Empire and Bretonnia. Sadly, some years ago all my gaming mates got rid of the game and I found myself with two armies using lots of space. I had to take the decision to let both armies go...

I only kept for myself a Bretonnian Knights unit (some day I'll bring it to you) and this one, Emperor Karl Franz. The mini really needed some repaint work, so this is what I got:
Shiny metals

Oldschool Griffon. I cannot stand the current mini

The Emperor himself had this lookings:
Beard added for dramatic purposes
I tried something different for the banner, I thought it would be nice seeing an actual Imperial Eagle (in an oldschool fantasy way)
This is an Imperial Eagle, not that thing WH40K uses

The final result:

The Emperor. No further explanation needed

This has brought some love for fantasy back to me, maybe it is time I begin to think a little more seriously about some fantasy projects I have in mind...


  1. Awesome job on a classic fig.

  2. Great final result , great work Suber .
    Un saludo .

  3. Thank you both! I had that mini totally abandoned, it was time to gave it some love!