Thursday, 20 March 2014

Strange designs. Spaceships Pt.1

Hiya all! Wandering through my files and folders I found a collection of drawings and sketches made some time ago for a project I embarked on and which I was shamely unable to fulfil. :(

It is just a collection of space ships. I had no guidance at all, so I just let myself go and drew whatever came to mind, under the single premise of designing small fighter ships.

They are all rough sketches, don't expect any quality work here. I had all kind of inspirations, from the obvious Star Wars and Star Trek to the pulp comics of old, Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon, going even through some Japanese-ish lines in some of them. Very cartoony all of them.

So be warned, just amateur sketches made on the back side of work paper (shhhh) and quick phone pics, keep your expectations low...

Next week I'll bring you another mini and later on the second part of this insanity:)

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