Thursday, 6 March 2014

Ultramarines RT Squad

Back to 40K today! Back to the past of 40K, more exactly. I had been wandering for a time about the idea of reorganizing my Space Marines armies. The first thing (or the only thing, properly speaking) I had clear is that I wanted a pure RT Ultramarines force. I had to look for all my minis of old, form up some squads and repaint them. Of course I'm too lazy for all that work and mind disposition :P I only have been able to do that with a single squad.

I aimed for the most 'Rogue Trader'-ish aspect possible, so I went for bright blue for the power armours, white stripes on the helmets and weapon identification on the shoulder pads. Oh, all the tiny details (apart from some 'kil kil kil' marks and shark mouths; that will be for another squad).

But then suddenly a doubt came into mind. Though they were technically correct, there was something wrong about them, they didn't look as I thought they would. Then I realized. It was the weapon. The black weapon was snatching too much vistosity from the whole mini. I made some experiments and asked for opinions at the Oldhammer Forum.

Black, grey or beige?
I had almost made my mind for beige, but those opinions were definitive, beige it was to be. So these are the results!

Pure Old School Marines
Back to 1987
It also works fine on special weapons:

Missile launcher and flamethrower
This was a standard Imperial weapon back then...
I believe this mini was originally released as a Captain, but I'm using him as a Sergeant
The whole squad looks like this:

Oldskool powah!
I don't really have any special plans on the full army, so I guess I'll just muster a reasonable amount of old Space Marines and see what comes out!

Now I have to search for more minis within my boxes and shelves, don't know when I'll work on another squad, but I can promise some shark mouths for them when the moment arrives ;)


  1. Delicious, they're rather lovely!

    1. Thank you very much! I have enjoyed my whole way painting them!

  2. Buenísimos!! Menudo carisma que tienen...

  3. puro heavy metal!!

    pero qué hace un marine con una rifle eldar shuriken??? jejeje

    un saludo

    1. Jeje, la tecnología imperial es de lo más variado...
      No se ve, pero incluso tiene una cartuchera para el tambor de munición, todo de puro diseño imperial :D

  4. A fantastic unit Suber! Congratulation, they are a relic. A great greeting friend.

    1. Thank you very much! They are a little treasure indeed, totally enjoyable!


  5. Super Bueno mate !

    The beige really offers a splendid contrast with the bright blue. and the gropd shot only confirms it was the right choice for me.
    Don't worry about the captain/sergeant thing, nobody (who loves RT) gives a damn about this sort of thing :D

    Greta job once again

  6. Thank you very much! I have enjoyed them, made me want to paint some more!

  7. Fantastic love those mini's. Beige is a good choice I quite liked the grey as well.

  8. Yep - great choice. They look great!

  9. Thank you both, I'm glad you like them! I need to keep on going with them

  10. Suber;

    Top work mate!!

    I love them!! I'm glad I supported the beige choice!! It offsets the blue and white so well!!