Thursday, 3 July 2014

Sci-fi civilians

I had these rumbling around my workbench for a long time! About time!

These minis are the last part of what I purchased to Akula (remember? The not-Dune guy, among several other things) alongside the Psychneuein and the Astral Hounds. Once again, go visit his blog and purchase some minis!

I was looking for some sci-fi civilians; not that there is much variety (though I'm seeing new interesting goodies these days), but when I saw Akula's, I immediately knew I could use them.

The original models
Pics stolen from Akula's blog. That's why they are not blurry
I got a couple of each model, and then I used some green stuff to make them slightly different (you will see, in most of the cases that simply implies some hair on a bald head, hehe). I'll show you them by groups, the untouched and the modified versions:

That should look like a three-cornered hat from XVIII Century
Just sideburns, hair and moustache
These attires may look strange, but for my purposes (which will most likely be Rogue Trader games) these guys can be representatives of the Guilds in the underhive/shanty town/industrial neighbourhood/whatever. The colours identify the Guild to which each of one is original from.

Not Bene Gesserit. Not at all
Of course, where I say masters of the Guild I can say any kind of Burgomaster Deputy Authority or local nobility. Almost anything suits them.

These two look almost medieval
I should have tried some makeup with the ladies, I'm realizing right now. Maybe even some ritual tatoos could fit in well in these models. Hmm...

There is some brocade in all the ladies stoles. Shame on my pics again
My long term idea is having a fistful of nobles (or VIPs, whatever) and a little crowd of regular people, which can act as rioters in a number of scenarios involving Adeptus Arbites, for example. So the VIPs can either lead the mob in an anti-imperial revolt... or can be in need of police protection from the bloodthirsty horde willing to hang them!

Sci-fi weirdos
 So that will be another challenge, to find (cheap) generic rioters with acceptable aesthetics that make them suitable for Rogue Trader ambientation. I have been spotting some interesting choices, but a full horde of lead men may not fit into my budget :S

But again, that will be a battle for another day. Today I'm OK with these. Now to move on more things!


  1. Those are fantastic, you did a great job with them!

    I tried to get them from AKULA recently, but the range has been bought by someone else, so I will have to wait a while.

    CP Models just picked up a range of modern rioters sculpted by WhiffWhaff IIRC that look like they will fit into RT games without looking peculiar. I suggest that you send Mark at CP an email :) CP prices are usually very reasonable.

    1. I believe know which ones are you talking about, I'm having a close eye on those. I got some crazy ideas for scenarios involving big crowds of civilians, so those may be handy. Thank you!

  2. Great look and paint !
    Un saludo .

    1. Thank you, my friend! Much appreciated :)

  3. They do look like generic sci-fi civilians like those you would see in the movies. In fact, they remind me of the politicians/civilians in The Matrix movie, I think it was the last one. ^_^

    1. That's the good part of RT, anything fits in with no issues :P
      I may however try some conversions in future minis, to aim for some John Blanche spirit. Hmm... I'll think a little more about it...