Thursday, 10 July 2014

They are not dead, they are infected

Well, I wouldn't dare to say that much anyway...

These are the zombies I got from Hasslefree, patients from a hospital. Really quick to paint as of course I used quite a limited palette.

You know, budget cuts on health expenses... Things happen
This one got me into this pack, I saw it and simply new that I needed it :D

Dude, what happened to the lights?
The whole pack is really nice, adds some variation to what I am used to see

Got last in the sack race
I believe that arm is not going to get any better
Unsatisfied with hospital food
I also have a bonus zombie! Another mini that was simply irresistible:

No caption. You know, he's a mime
Mi intention is using them for my Zombicide games. I usually run out of zombies when playing Zombicide, so I wanted some more variety.
As a matter of fact I have been purchasing some more Z's frome here and there, I hope I'll be showing them over here anytime soon!


  1. I just love your Zombies ! The final Zombie-mime made me kaugh after the group of morbid and creepy ill zombies (Kid Zombies and pregnant zombies are a piece of pure creepiness).

    Oh and Happy Birthday btw !

    1. The guy in the bag is too much, I couldn't but buy the whole pack just for that one. And then I saw the mime -oh, the mime! That one was too good to let him go! Thank you, glad you like them!

  2. Greens are spot on while the mime had me laughing the moment I saw it. XD Brilliant piece of paint work on the mime. ^_^

    1. Thank you very much! I pretty much enjoyed painting the mime. That's the good part of zombies, every cliche works just fine!

  3. Nice lot. well may be nice is not the word but.... you know what I mean

    1. :D

      Quite difficult to talk nice about them indeed!