Monday, 18 August 2014

Zombie Dogs

Yup, I know, my originality with titles has slipped all the way down during summer. But no one can tell me I'm not being honest with what I offer :D

Just the zombie dogs for Zombicide. No additions nor conversions. I just cut out the central support from the bases and let the puppies to stand on their own:

Woof arf woof
Grrrr arf woof woof
Woof woof Meleé Islandtm woof
Arf woof LeChuck arooo
If you are wondering about the scale, let me bring this pic, alongside Games Workshop and Hasslefree:

A dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do
Finally, here they are, the twenty of them:

Now I need some zombie cats!!
These puppies can be a nightmmare in the game, they add lots of fun. You can see I've been slowing down my blog rate during August. I'm not having that much time so I'm facing easy projects not too much time consuming while I run my other side projects. I hope to come back to regularity soon!


  1. Very impressive for such a small scale. Zombie dogs are rarely seen in a zombie movie though ... those that I can remember aren't actually zombies ... they are more like monster-like dogs as those seen in Resident Evil movies or even that super scary movie The Thing.

    1. You are right, but these minis are so... charming (well, I guess that's not the better word, but you know what I mean, hehe)