Thursday, 16 October 2014

Leadpile's prize: Kholeen M. Ooray, traveller adventurer

Last monday I received  a mistery package... Well, not completely misterious, as it was coming from mighty Colin from The Leadpile. Yup, it was the prize I won (so you might have seen the pics before and already know what was it)! This is da man...
New guy in the neighbourhood

So let me introduce Kholeen M. Ooray, traveller adventurer. Coming from long distances all over the galaxy, he wanders from here to there in continous search for rare artifacts, xenos stuff when possible, weird knowledge in general and, above all, good stories to tell wherever his pace leads him.
Getting along with the usual suspects
Known as a valuable trader for... unusual goods, his presence is usually welcome in any place where rare technology is appreciated, as his reputation as a go-getter precedes him and opens some doors usually kept closed for regular decent traders too wary to get their hands dirty.
Hm, filthy bar. I've vomited on cleaner latrines...
I believe the guy deserves some kind of transport. As I don't have space enough for big shuttles, I think some kind of small one-person steampunk-like airship would fit in well with the mini's appearance. The coat, the goggles... something there is asking for that kind of stuff. Tobsen77 looks like the most obvious option, but of course I'm open to suggestions! :)
But this isn't all! The giveaway goes on! Colin had the courtesy of sending me this couple of beautiful pieces too:

Time to play toy soldiers

Designed for the 'Bring Out Your Lead' Oldhammer event this year, they would be a really nice addition indeed for The Sparklin' Pulsar. The issue is that the space is so confined there that I'm not sure if they really can make into the bar :/
Might be sacrificing playability. But need to do something...
 Buuuut of course that is no meant to be a problem at all! ;) I might have some ideas to give some use to them. This is the first thing that came to mind:
Do you recognize that? ;)
Of course that means I need some more stuff. I may have a clue of where to look for, but again, any suggestions will be much appreciated for sure!


  1. Looks awesome. Convert from that Northstar Utopian chap they released a while back looks good!

  2. Well done Suber , i like the purple color .
    Cheers .

  3. Great hommage to a great model !

  4. Thank you all, guys! All the credit goes to Colin though, he is the gentleman behind making all possible :)

  5. Very nice ... all three look good together too, very dynamic.

  6. The project begins to assemble in my mind (mwahahaha...) :D