A place for obscure trades and sales

Another building for the Besenval project :)

This one also belongs to the Bandua ranges and is the same size than The Sparklin' Pulsar.

Now that Kholeen M. Ooray is wandering around the vicinity, I thought he needed a place in which he could conduct his obscure trades...
I approached the project whith the idea of the building having two separate spaces, one being the public attendance area and another one being the back room/storehouse. I used a piece of foamboard for that purpose, and painted the two areas in different colours:
Primer sprays, no complicated effects. The floor is covered with a piece of paper...

...As this was its aspect.
The place is supposed to be kinda gritty, not really a public space, but rather some kind of black market spot, the kind of place you only find if you know exactly what you are looking for. So no distinctive signs nor comfy appearance. This is the perfect place to find forbidden xenos technology, pieces stolen from the Techpriests the Adeptus Mechacnicus... who knows what is going to appear over here. This was simply the perfect place for me to set this piece after I don't know how many years:
Limited edition Necron Scarab Examination Table, released as part of GW's Skullz programme, mid nineties
I burglarized my bit box in search of any pieces that could look like junk/strange stuff. When you deal with these projects it is important not to loose control and find a balance; after all, you are not building a doll house (though I pretend that), but a gaming space, so all this scenery must be playable.

But sometimes it's difficult to find that balance

I guess that 'mirror' over there is not exactly Inquisition approved...

Junk and scrap, nothing else

So the idea is making it look crowded and shabby, but still playable
I have left the trap door on the floor clear, as it may be the access to a basement/catacomb... Hmmm, who knows what lies in the undergrounds... There is a ladder too for that very place, to connect to the rooftop. Here you can see the outer aspect of the building:

So this is where I come for a trade...

I'm selling these fine leather jackets...

  I've tried to keep it simple. Though I'm satisfied with the general overview, I still may add some weathering effects. I've never tried grafitti, so maybe this (or other) buildings may be the right time to start...

Too clean, maybe...?

I don't want to make a 'grim darkness of the far future'tm oriented scenery, but I haven't found a definitory architectural style yet. I guess I still have to find the actual path I want all this to finally follow...


  1. Ha this is awesome. I would definitely add some weathering effects...but I do imagine there would have to be "some" clean places in the 41st :)

    1. Thank you! Yes, that's right, I don't want to overdo the weathering and dirt, I believe there must be some place for cleanliness in the dark future :D but anyway I think I may make some additional work here :)

  2. Looks great. Love the table with the scarab on!

    1. Thanks, Simon! I had an idea regarding a diorama involving a Mechanicus lab, but years went by and I never got into it. I was just looking for any feasable excuse to use the table :D

  3. Your attention to detail is impressive. Nice work man. You definitely should do a diorama. :)

    1. Thank you! I feel that details bring scenery alive. But I must constrain, or else I'll end up stuck in an unplayable diorama! :D