Monday, 13 October 2014

Playing HeroQuest

The time has come...

Would you dare to enter the dungeon? ;) After so many years I've finally brought the game back to life! Let's have a couple of introductory games, I'm aware that many of you may have forgotten the rules... in case you are not too young to never have actually played it!
So let's go! This is the display for the first game in the booklet, The Trial:

Doesn't look that impressive, I know. Just wait for the adventure to unfold
  'You have learnt well, my friends. Now has come the time for your first trial. You are to travel east and enter the catacombs of Verag, a foul Gargoyle. The catacombs guard the tomb of Fellmarg. The trial is not easy and some of you will not return. Those who do survive will continue their training. This is your first step on the road to becoming a hero... tread carefully, my friends'.

The goal here is to kill the Gargoyle and to get to know the basics of the game. Let's see...

So our adventurers begin to explore the dungeon...
And the first blood is spilled!

Quick note: The original Spanish HeroQuest edition contained several mistakes. Some of them regarding the translation (for example, the Elf is called 'Troll' -seriously, guys, WTF-) and some of them regarding rules. As a matter of fact, the Goblin stats were insanely good, making them just as good as a Chaos Warrior. I grew up my childhood believeing that Goblins were witty creatures with some kind of unnatural agility that allowed them to hit hard and fast and dodge enemy attacks even better. :O For this game I didn't have the corrected stats at hand, so we played the enhanced Ubergoblins :D. I promise I will correct that for the next time.

Let's go on. The Wizard opened the door...

Oops, am I interrupting anything?
But decided to do some magic stuff better than getting into the room.
Fireball towards the ugly Orc. I should have added fire effects with Photoshop
The Dwarf crushed into some more enemies
Finally! Someone my size!
And so did the Barbarian and the Elf. This is finally looking like some proper adventure!
I've been waiting for so many years for this to happen again...

Looks like the Barbarian matches his enemies by pairs...
Ehm... He just leaves and go kicking some poor Goblin's ass with the help of his Dwarf friend. Group battle anyway

The Wizard invokes a Genius to kill the Fimir. Nobody here seems to be able to do things on their own!
The rules for this game are reeeeally simple. Each character moves by rolling 2D6. Attacks and defence are solved by rolling special dice. Skulls mean hit, white shield means the good guy isn't hit, black shield means the bad guy isn't hit. That's pretty much it!
Barb kills an Orc while Grumpy faces two Skellies
Each turn every character can search for secret doors/traps or for some hidden treasure in the room they are, drawing some treasure cards to that effect. Besides, you can occasionally find a treasure chest...

What's this, Barb? You get 100 gold coins and I have to face the Raggedy Men?
Don't worry, little pal, let me handle this

Ehm. Sometimes I see dead people
In the meantime, the Wizard opens a door and...

Verag the foul Gargoyle and his foul acolytes!
Oh, this was the moment! The Wizard invoked the powerful Fire of Wrath. Choose any mini anywhere on the board. The Fire will look for the enemy and will cause him one damage point, unless he rolls a shield. All the energy sparkled, magic looking its way. Fire and smoke, epic background music and...
A shield! Aaargh!
Hm, things are gonna get ugly...
One by one, gentlemen, please!
The Elf ran to stand in for his pal, being able to hold the position for a while.
The Barbarian and the Dwarf also run towards the bad guy...
...Being chased by a whole graveyard
The adventurers came up with a plan. The Elf would fight the Chaos Warrior and keep the door
Easier to say than to do
In the meantime, the Wizard would use the Pass Through Rock spell on the Barbarian, who would come running along the corridor; instead of smashing himself on the wall, he passed through it epicly leaping and waving his sword with a stentorian battlecry.

Die, foul gargoyle! Dieeee!! (Oh, c'mon, tell me this is not epic!)

OK, now you can tell this is totally unepic
Ouch! Not a single hit! The struggle continued, the Gargoyle caused some injuries to the Barbarian, everything was at stake...

And the Gargoyle finally dies!
Victory! :D
The game was fun as hell, maybe I was so eager to play this game that everything looked so shiny to me, but anyway I can say that 25 years later, HeroQuest still rocks!

In fact, as the game was so quick, we decided to play the second scenario, The Rescue of Sir Ragnar.

'Sir Ragnar, one of the Emperor's most powerful Knights, has been kipnapped. He is been held prisoner by Ulag, the Orc Warlord. You are to find Sir Ragnar and bring him back to safety. Prince Magnus will pay 200 gold coins to the character who rescues Sir Ragnar. The reward may be split between several adventurers, but no reward will be paid if Sir Ragnar is killed whilst escaping'.

Using the treasures found in the previous encounter, the Wizard bought a staff and the Barbarian bought a shield. And then they all run to the rescue!

Back to the game again!
A Goblin! Run! Run for your lives! Nooo, don't leave me aloooneee!
Out of the frying-pan into the fire (without Wargs)

This time the game unfolded even quicker, so everything went smoother. Pure dungeon joy!

A secret door! And more monsters behind!
Our adventurers finally found Sir Ragnar (represented in the pic below by the Lord Witch, ahem. The quest book tells you to use that mini, but I can assure you this will be solved during Stage 2 -or 3- of my long-term HeroQuest plan...). At that moment someone raises the alarm! A horn sounds in the deep. Then drums in the darkness... Run you fools!

All the minis must be immediately deployed
 The player who discovered the prisoner, the Barbarian, is to move Sir Ragnar too. So the adventurers begun to run... and the baddies too!

The Elf rolled unusually high scores. The cliche about Elven agility proved right
Smothering situation

The fight was really hard, the characters trying desperately to keep the greenskins at bay to proetct Sir Ragnar.

We're outnumbered!
The Wizard succumbed to his wounds while the Barbarian held the door, allowing Sir Ragnar to escape.
Get to the chopper stairs!
Well, this game was quicker then the previous one, as the adventurers found the prisoner quite quickly and from then it was kinda a chase or something similar. Again I must say it was terribly fun, we enjoyed every single turn. For me maybe it was nostalgia, but my mates were newcomers to the game and they seemed to enjoy the experience as much as I did!
I can tell you this is not the last you have seen here about HeroQuest. Now I have to attend (many) other pending issues, but it is my intention to keep on playing and, in time, to expand my ranges. That will come, my friends, that will come...


  1. Off the top of my head, I think Goblins are Attack 2 and Defence 1.

    1. Yup, you're right, but the original Spanish version got Defence 4! Crazy! :D

  2. I think Ben is about right on that one. Looks like you're having a rare old time.

    1. Yeah, I got knowledge of that many years later, thanks to the internet! I have noted it down for the future, but at the moment we just played it that way...

  3. Looks like a really fun game ... and on top of that those are some seriously well painted miniatures. For someone who is trying to paint board game pieces I know for a fact how hard it is to paint them well and those look awesome.

    1. It is really fun indeed! HeroQuest has a sentimental value for me, this was what opened me the gates of mini gaming when I was a child, so it has a place in my heart. Though I had been painting toy soldiers (I mean staining them with paint) for some time, this was the first proper game worth of that name, so I can say this was the real beginning for me.

  4. great report, i enjoy every pic recalling my youth.

    1. Thanks, man! As I told FourEyedMonster, that's exactly the same feeling I got playing this :D

  5. The fact that thanks to the misprint you grew up thinking lowly goblins were bad asses is hilarious!
    The Trial is actually the hardest mission in the main game, it was rather cruel to put that one in as the first quest.

    Looks like you had good fun, I only recently played the game again (similarly the same quest and also after a 20+ year gap) and was pleasantly surprised by how fun it was!

    Unfortunately Space Crusade doesn't hold up so well...

    1. the Trial wasn't the original first mission, the first one in the 1989 printings was simple called the maze, if you ever played the computer game or it's demo, it was that first quest, very simple....

      To simple, hence they changed the quest in the 1990 printing, which it seems was the base for the international releases.

  6. :D
    The game has aged quite well, it's a perfect starter for kids or for anyone not that much involved in this kind of gaming.
    I'm afraid I may concur about Space Crusade. I even had that impression back in time, HeroQuest dynamics were much better. Not in my short term plans to play Space Crusade again (but who knows...), for the moment I'll face some pending projects and then (don't have a slight idea of when) I'll be back again to HeroQuest for Stage 2 (mwahahaha...) :D

  7. The time you spent on the miniatures and furniture payed off, the game looks great. Sounded fun too. Wish I had this one or advanced heroquest.

    1. I haven't looked for it in the internet, but if you find it at a reasonable price, I believe you won't be disappointed :)

  8. I'm glad you finally got some games in, your comments on the transaltion mistakes made me smile, bad ass goblins indeed!

    1. Hahaha, those little buggers were a pain in the arse! :D

  9. Hola! yo encontré un heroquest en la basura y desde entonces lo he estado cuidando y extendiendo con mis propios diseños, en este blog he recopilado todo lo que he ido generando. Espero que os guste!

    1. ¡Qué dices! ¿En la basura? :O
      Voy a echar un ojo ahora mismo al blog :)