Thursday, 9 October 2014

Project HeroQuest: the rest of the furniture

Time to put an end to this project. Ok, ok, I know. This is definitely not going to be a real end, you got me ;) This is just going to be the end of Stage 1, let's call it that way. I've come up with all the necessary basic stuff to play the core game again. By basic stuff I mean all the characters, bad guys and furniture. Maybe Stage 2 (hmmm, more likely Stage 3, or most probably 4...) will include a full functional 3D dungeon. But for now let's focus on what we have at hand... :D

If you have never bought anything from Thomarillion, take my word, you should. Reeeally nice stuff. Wide range, good material and better service. I just saw some pieces of furniture and immediately knew they were to be mine...

Now I can do not only a dungeon, but a tavern
I never thought I could find such a cozy 3D fireplace
What about this? Metal, not resin. Ain't it lovely?
BTW, speaking about tables, I also got this other set from Fenris Games:

As I was saying, I can set up my own tavern. With blackjack! And hoo... Ehrm. Forget about that
At this moment, I had to admit it, I was getting a little bit impatient. I had some other HeroQuest original scenery I wanted to refurbish the same way I did with the tombs, but I was getting anxious and just wanted to see the project finished. So I'm afraid I just repainted the plastic pieces and let the cardboard pieces just as they were:

Lazy guy, I know, lazy guy...
But the original cardboard works fine for me
In order to make a compensation, I tried something a little bit more elaborate on the altar book. Books, as a matter of fact, as I happen to own two altars! :)

My attempt on a medieval-looking illustration depicting a wise Orc teaching. Weird, I know
The base of both candelabra is greenstuff made. I couldn't replicate the entire piece
And this is it! This is all I have for now! Enough scenery for my purposes so long, I can tell that.

Anyway, my attention has recently been attracted towards the Twisting Catacombs Kickstarter Campaign, for more than obvious reasons ;). I guess I'll end up supporting the campaign, but for the moment I won't delay any more what is needed to do here...

To play HeroQuest again!


  1. Wonderful stuff. Great inspiration.
    I still have a full set of Heroquest sat staring at me accusingly from the top of my cupboard... One day... I'll get to it...

  2. Really nice work on the sorcerer's books, I love that dining table too!

    1. Thanks! The stuff is so good, with all those details, that anything you do is gonna work fine :)

  3. that extra furniture is great, and your work on the books is bloody amazing, those pages are small!

    1. Thank youu very much! It may be tricky, but it's also highly enjoyable! Far from being as good as I woud have liked them to be, but well, enough for my skills!