Monday, 20 October 2014

Some serious tough guys. Scions and Ogryns

Different stuff for a change :)
If you remember the commission work I did with the Imperial Guard Taurox, I told then there was some infantry pending for my mate's project. OK, I know, that was July, I've not been able to finish that until now. I guess I'm getting sloppy  older whatever :(
Anyway, the important thing is that it's here! My pal got the Scions Squad and the new Ogryns; the plan was to make a special weapons squad with the former and a close combat unit with the latter, with the idea in mind of making them different, but still compatible with, some Arbites-like force. So the colours should be dark and dull, but still resembling the rest of his force (BTW, I haven't shown you the other minis I painted for that army. Hmmm... That is meant to be corrected...)
Men in blue
 I must say the kit is really good. I'm aware this will open the eternal GW debate, but I'm just saying. You may like or not the design, but the quality and detail of the sculpt is much more than decent. Once again we can talk about pros and cons of this kind of kits; in my opinion, we can see both of them. The sprues are totally full of hundreds of pieces, so the options for customization are almost neverending; the other side of the coin is... right, you'll end up stuck with hundreds of tiny pieces you'll never use :P. Of course I'm not even gonna speak about the price, as this hasn't been an issue for me :D
So back strictly to the minis, this is what I got out of them:
You don't wanna mess with'em
I'm not even sure if the current Codex allows you this composition of four special weapons, but what the hell, they look badass enough to don't care about that :D
The final touch for these guys is a proper Commissar:
Proper Commissar
 The other part of the infantry is an Ogryn Squad. All that I said before about the Scions applies to this kit again. Controversies apart, this is the configuration I used:
Been lately at the gym, uh?
And now I just wonder why I painted the torsos inside

 They look incredibly bulky in that armour, they are toweringly impressive. I thought that they needed some ornaments on all those plain flat surfaces, so you can see I tried some tatoos. As Ogryns are traditionally depicted as having kinda a childish faith in the Emperor, I thought that this woud be a funny touch:
Luv da Emprah
 So the full squad looks like this:
Don't wanna mess with'em either
 But when I had the squad complete, I talked to my pal and we agreed it was a real pity to let all those pieces in the sprues. We discussed about the possibility of magnetizing the arms. Would that be even possible?

Well, worth a try...
Magnets and green stuff, no further secret
So we also had this other combination:

Yu com'ere!
So the conclusion I reach is that the quality of this stuff is nice, if you are willing to pay the price of these kits. You can argue about the design and the virtues/flaws of 3D sculpting and so, but as long as you have clear what you are buying, you won't be disappointed at all. I declare totally satisfied with the product, so can't ask for more!


  1. On a puremy perosnnal level, I really don't like these ogryns, nothing to do with your painting, it's just the shapes and way they hold their weapons that is wrong for me, I do love the shields though. You mention their childish devotion and it's exactly what Ilove about ogryns, I'd retaher have cheerful ones but it's just personnal taste.

    The scions on another hand are a wonderful kit. I bought a box an dthough it's a tad expensive I intend to use it as a bits mine to upgrade my coming models. The main thing that made e buy them was the little device on the wrists to be hnest but the rest is really good. They are far too big to be integrated easily along Rogue trader models (or even some of the IG range) but that's goog enough. The Taurox is still something I consider and I might get tempted for Christmas to be honest. Great job on those suber, especially on magnestising the arms and the tattoos !

    (little spanking diserved though for not removing those mould lines)

    1. I do concur on your appreciation about the models; I don't fancy the Ogryns (but neither I fancied the old ones, the concept of childish Ogres in Space has never attracted me to that point and I don't recall ever having Ogryns myself), but these Scions guys are really nice models. Fine sculpts with lots of different options, and of course you get tons of bits to customize whatever you have at home.
      Spanking totally deserved; I can only say in my defence that you truly don't get to see that at tabletop distance; I didn't even noticed that line until I saw it on the pic! (Dammit, one single good pic and it's to show the flaws!) :D

  2. They all look great love the Scions. I have to admit I do prefer the old school ogryns they had such a great look.

    1. Hehe, I believe it's a common feeling; as I just told JB, I don't enjoy them, but again I must admit the kit is nicely done :)

  3. I like the Scion kit and the Ogryn kit :D

    The painting is solid all round too, they look good.

    1. Thank you! The kit has endless possibilities. I shiver on the mere thought of what could be done of it in your hands...

  4. Wow Suber ... these guys look really really good. Well done man, well done. I love the greyish blue hues on them too ... what specific color is that?

    1. Thank you very much!
      All the colours are Vallejo. For the blue I mixed mostly Prussia Blue with some grey and a few drops of black and German Fieldgrey.
      The grey is made mostly of German Fieldgrey, black, some grey, some prussia blue and just a drop of German Cammo black brown.
      Thanks for asking! If I don't note down these things I tend to forget about the mixes and it's impossible for me to remember then when I come back on some project expansions years later! :S

  5. They do look pretty cool. I quite like the scions. The magnetizing of the arms on the ogryns was a good idea.

    1. Thanks! Glad you like them :)
      All these new releases have quite a potential for converting. Really good stuff.