Friday, 31 October 2014

We're open for business...

OK, so we have a couple of buildings and that's pretty much the project so far, but one is a tavern and the other one is a shop. For the Emperor's sake, someone needs to attend the business! That's economics 101! :D

So here we have Thonvald Callmenger, proud owner and bartender of the Sparklin' Pulsar:

Friends call me Thony
The mini is from the NPC range by Otherworld Miniatures. The additions are minimal, just the breather and little else...

No, it's not a hook, it's my bottle opener
As you may have realized, The Sparklin' Pulsar lacked an essential item for any tavern, that's right, a draught tap! So I came with the silly idea of the bartender being able to carry this ale dispenser :D

The finest ale selection all over this sector. Aye
I also made another addition to the Sparklin' Pulsar, as it also lacked bottles of spirits, wines, etc. I mimicked the set from the Alchemist's table from HeroQuest using greenstuff:

Ahhh, now this really feels home...
So Thony stands here at whatever time you may come in for some snack or a beer. Besides, he is the guy who can connect people looking for, let's say... protection or... a job to do, with the correct henchman adventurer in the vicinity ;)
I purchased another female bartender, but I thought one was enough for the bar. So I made up another use for the mini ;)
The shop of forbidden items needed someone to be in charge. The approach should be different that the one used with Thonvald Callmenger. But what could I do with this lovely lady?

Well, of course you can see my approach...
So I designed the enigmatic character simply known as Mama Balaklava. Some people say she was a tech-novice banned long time ago from the Cult of Mars, others say she was indeed a techpriestess who went too far in the studies of forbidden technology and eventually found herself pursued by both her former colleagues and the Inquisition. Whatever the truth may be, her establishment has never been deprived of some pretty odd stuff...

Well, for sure this is not the cup of a carpenter...
The additions here are simply the bionic eye, some stuff on her right hand to show it's bionic too, the weird... spectrometer? embedded in her left arm (no, seriously, not sure of what it is, the word spectrometer just sounded cool) and the wires on her back:

She is more bionic than meets the eye..
Oh, and of course the servoskull. If you have ever played Monkey Island you know the only correct way to name a servoskull is Murray :D. So this is Murray X

The only thing I could add now is a pack of bionic cats wandering all over
Well, I feel much better now, knowing that the business is ready for customers :P

Still waiting for more buildings to come over the mail, but I'm on the verge of finishing another bunch of civilians... This is not over! ;)


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! They're quite simple though, 'less is more' :D

  2. Replies
    1. ¡Muchas gracias! Pero como digo, en la primera foto de cada uno se puede ver que en el fondo son conversiones muy sencillotas, simplemente es trastear a ver qué pieza queda bien en qué lugar y luego dejarte llevar :D

  3. Im glad to hear that you are getting more civilians ready. You have cornered the market in 40k civvies to an extent and the two above are really nice.

    Cool stuff.

    1. Thank you! My first idea was to keep it under manageable limits, but I'm finding myself more and more involved with new absurd ideas everyday! :D

  4. Brilliant! I love them both - perfect for the setting and great conversions. All you need now is some kind of robot with extendable arms to reach the bottles on those shelves ;)

    1. Haha, thanks! Love tha idea, I can see it in the bar :D
      (Oh, my! Must resist...) :D