Monday, 3 November 2014

A fistful of slumdwellers

Slow but constant, the population of Besenval keeps growing.

I have been collecting some random minis from here and there. First one is this Navigator. For any respected project needs at least one Navigator, right? :P

As always, the pic burns the colours >:(
Desterdio Ossonero belongs to an old family of Navigators. Though not particularly wealthy according to Navigator families standards, that still means being quite above the average Imperial citizen. Being the only kind of mutants legally allowed within the Imperium, Navigators tend to show off their wealth and refined manners everywhere. They are indeed the cornerstone of the Imperium, as their psychic abilites are the only thing that allow ships to travel through the Warp and move along the unimaginable distances of the galaxy. A Navigator who even dares to go beyond the limits of the Astronomican psychic beacon may become quite wealthy after a few travels... if he survives that long. That's a risk Desterdio Ossonero is more than ready to take. His flamboyant attires tend to attract more attention than sometimes needed, but not many thugs are to bother a mutant who, according to urban legends, is able to kill with his very gaze...

Second mini, Space Adventurer:

The mini is so bent that it is impossible to get a decent pic
 Luat anak Montsalvage has seen more horrors in his life than many endured Imperial Guards. Always errant, has taken part in pirate raids, local conflicts, xenos invasions and at least one Inquisitorial purge. And he has always managed to stay alive. Word says he even was part of a Penal Legion, but he never speaks about his past. His rough aspect and weary eyes tend to keep out busybodies. Though he may not be the best conversationalist, he has earned a quite deserved reputation for being a quick gun, willing to accept jobs that almost anyone else would refuse without a second thought. Don't be fooled by his apparent lack of stature, Luat anak Monstalvage is the guy you want when the fight bursts out...

Another one, another adventurer, labeled as 'Punk' (?)

Angry punk, apparently
The 'ratkin' are one of the outcast people who dwell near the Besenval Port area. Poor among the poor, they live totally out of the system, being socially considered just above mutants (in the best case). Whenever they get a job, it usually involves the worst condition and most dangerous type, like toxic tube cleaning, wild vermin elimination or industrial chimney refurbishment. No secret that ratkin clans are a breeding ground for unrest and revolts, and Adeptus Arbites usually need to raid into their settlements. But sometimes it is the ratkin who come to the populated areas, one by one or in small groups, looking for food, easy preys to assault or anything valuable they can get back to their slums...

Now different manufacturers minis. First of all this Reaper 'Katapesh Merchant':

The tiny ape has a greenstuff bionic eye and implants
Abdul Gosherian is a local merchant, nomad trader always on the road, the perfect description of a wandering pedlar, bringing the marvels of distant places and satisfying all the tiny stuff needings of a society like Besenval. Energy cells, health remedies, anything you need; with his witty smile he will sell you anything before you even realize you didn't need it ;)

And now some for EM4:

I guess this one could be labeled as 'Punk' as well

Hauer Ruttger is the local informer, though he uses to describe himself simply as the guy who knows what's up in the neighbourhood. He gets some juicy info to the Arbitrators, right, but for sure will tell you who is in bussiness with who... for a price. His little pet, 'Deckard' is also an experienced pickpocket, and Hauer has used him several times to gather info on the people who wander around the Port. He is the guy whose door you need to knock to know whatever you may need, as he has seen things you wouldn't believe...

Finally I have this mini. It does not belong to this project at all, but I had it anyway, so it had to be painted ;). It's a 'Brainfreezer'

Ugly scary guy out of Halloween
 I'm still unsure of what use I'll have for that one, I'll have to check again the RT rulebook bestiary, but I'm sure I'll find something ;)

So this vicinity is growing. Slowly, but inexorably. The project goes on and on, I'm in search of new minis to add; in the meanwhile, scenery needs some attention too, I'll let ypu know about my progress here!


  1. Excellent stuff ! the added background is always welcome ! That made me smile when you mentionned th ebent position of the pirate, I don't know why they were all bent like that with about half of them sporting a moustache, they look like space granpas !

    Splendid job, I want more.

    1. Hahaha!! :D
      Hmm, now that you mention it... :P

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! This is escalating and don't know where will end, I should be terrified...

  3. Felicitaciones, haces un trabajo magnifico, seria magnífico jugar una partida con esas miniaturas y esa escenografía

    1. ¡Muchas gracias! La verdad es que tengo ganas de probarlos en una partida. Todavía queda mucho por hacer, pero esto avanza, jeje.

  4. Nicely painted Suber. Great work. The first mini's expression reminds me of a mime ... just take away his gun and paint him in stripes. :)

    1. Hahaha! I guess the slender appearance of the guy makes that impression :D
      Oh my, I have just imagined him as a mime... Haha!

  5. Brilliant additions Suber, you are on a roll a the moment.

    The Navigator is one of the very definitive Adventurer miniatures, I would even say probably THE definitive one.

    1. Haha, I concur, this can be the centerpiece for sooo many scenarios! There is something strangely appealing about this mini I cannot express easily. Just need to design adventures for him!

  6. Lots of great characters here mate. Lovely selection and the nice subtle conversions add lots of flavour to there appearance.

    1. Thank you Simon! These minis are quite fun to do, I'm enjoying the process :)