Monday, 23 March 2015

I have a plan (Pt.2)

Let's keep on with Battlestar Galactica. Stage 2 of my plan involved looking for minis that I could use with minor conversions. As I was making an order to Hasslefree, I avidly looked for suitable minis within their ranges. Not that many of them were exactly designed for space pilots, you know, but for sure I could find some decent proxies. I finally thought that this one could make a decent Helo:

And this one a reasonable Boomer:

I needed some greenstuff to replicate the flightsuits (and to work on their haircuts!).

Desirable end state

I'm not really happy with the results, I must confess, but anyway, here they are:

I need to redo all the hair
I need... Well, I need another mini!
Team Raptor!
Another guy I could do with little or even no effort was Tom Zarek. The conversion was almost inexistent in this case. I just had to find a man in a suit. A mini designed for a well known British operative would make its part, just had to remove the gun and the bottle and add a few touches here and there:

My name is Zarek. Tom Zarek
I like the pointing finger after removing the gun, it looks like he is addressing someone, I don't know, something like that.

That plastic surgeon certainly didn't make me look younger...
Ready to shiver Galactica to its foundations
As I almost didn't have to touch the mini, I think this one is the one that works best out of this bunch. I guess I could do something with Helo, but I think Boomer is the weakest of my works here, I really should find another mini (or even better, encourage Kev from Hasslefree to sculpt it!). For the moment it will have to do.

OK, only four more characters left from the game. Lords of Kobol, guide my hand...


  1. There looking good. Its a shame its the new series Nexus miniatures have some Dino Rangers that would be perfect. If your on facebook check out there facebook page for pics of the greens :)

    1. Thank you!
      I saw those, they are cool, but you're right, they belong to the original series. I'll keep on spotting minis from the web, thanks for the link!

  2. Very nice work!


    1. Thank you! May have to redo some work, but it's nice anyway :)

  3. Awesome, awesome, awesome! I love your stuff Suber and you have done it again by painting stuff about worlds I like ... Battlestar Galactica was my second favouirte TV scifi after Star Trek!

    1. Really glad to hear that! Tomorrow I'll bring the rest of the cast (at least the rest in the game), hope you like them!

  4. Just stumbled across these now, but these alterations are incredible. Job well done!

    1. Thanks! This was a time demanding project, but indeed a rewarding one!