Thursday, 26 March 2015

I have a plan (Pt.3)

OK, let me bring you Stage 3 of my plan. By now you have already seen the not-characters minis and the slightly converted ones. What else? As much as I looked for, I didn't find suitable minis for the rest of the cast. I was totally stuck! Stuck? Never! I came to the only logical solution: If the mini doesn't exist... I'll have to create it!

When I got better from the megalomaniac fevers, I begun to work. Of course this process I'm telling you has involved a several months period (forgive me for cheating, haha). In my original order to Hasslefree I had included some armatures; it was time to dare to sculpt!

I would begin with a simple pose and begin to add details. My character of choice for my first experiment was Chief Tyrol:

OK, I know, doesn't look like him. Gimme some time
A few weeks later...

Not that he looks like Tyrol now...
...but I count on your indulgence and good faith

My second scratch mini would be Apollo. This was a character which gave me some headaches. I wasn't sure how to wear the mini or what attitude it should show. I have come to an understanding with these situations. When in doubt, just get to work, follow your instincts. That will be better than not doing anything.

Mr. Smartypants. Well, for now just Mr. Pants, nothing else sculpted
Doesn't he look like a... chef, or something?
I have serious problems scupting hands. The grey one is from a Zombicide mini
Kinda malformed guy, he doesn't fit in his Viper's cockpit!

A character I had been eluding for a long time was Laura Roslin. I give you my word, I didn't find any modern civilian middle-aged female. This was driving me crazy, I didn't feel like I would be able to sculpt that from scratch. I used a female body as a starting point:

Howdy! You most certainly aren't Laura Roslin!
The pointing finger was what made me choose this one. The commanding attitude, the pose. Of course, the first thing I had to do was to add some years to that body!

No matter what, still looking sexy
Now we're getting to somewhere...
The right hand pointing ahead was great, but the left one was a problem, didn't know for sure what to do with it. I finally added a case for her glasses.

Feelin' presidential
Now feelin' like dancin' a little
Can't say I'm satisfied with the result, but given my skills, it's more than enough!

One character left, the infamous Gaius Baltar! I thought it was time to take some risks, so I dared to give the armature a more challenging pose:

See how interesting I am. I'm frakkin' Dr. Gaius Baltar
Don't know why, but I tend to sculpt from the feet and going up
I still have to learn some things about tailoring. Not an Armani, but it will do
Didn't want to sculpt hands, so I used some plastic bits
Now on a retrospective, I think it was a mistake. Not only that hand is huge, but the purpose of this is to learn how to sculpt
Whenever I find my courage and sanity, I'll replace that hand
But for the moment I'm done. The cast is complete!
BSG OST now, please

What's next? I don't know. If I spot better minis than mine, of course I will pick them to replace my puny attempts. For the moment I have my eyes set on these:

An Indiegogo campaign is coming... I've asked the guy to sculpt the rest of the cast, let's see where this project leads!

This is it (for the moment!). After this BSG hiatus, next week I'll be back to those unfinished projects I have on the workbench. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I'm afraid I still have a lot to learn; you can see I totally lack the patience needed to endure this kind of project, but well, I'm trying hard!

  2. Outstanding! Tyrel its an amazing result, as Roslin. Maybe Apollo is not at the same label, although it's a great piece. But Gaius Baltar... He trully is Gaius! Astonishing work, seriously.

    Do you recomend working with those armatures? I don't have your sculpting label, but I'm tempted to create some characters for my Mordheim collection.

    Congratulations again!

    1. Thank you very much! I may have to redo some of the minis, but it's been a nice exercise. I totally recommend the armatures for beginners. Maybe in time I'll dare to sculpt on a wire (I mean the mini, not myself sculpting on a wire!!), but for the moment, having the basic reference for proportions has been extremely useful.
      My advice: don't worry too much, you are up to the task, the only thing needed is leaving your fears behind. Maybe the first try will not be up to a professional standard; maybe the second won't be either. But keep on practising and you will eventually get better and better. Long way, but totally rewarding :)

  3. I have to admit I don't know a bit of BSG but man those sculpts are awesome. You're really brave to dive in something like this but it proves 100% worth it when I see the outcome.

    1. Thanks! Oh, man, you need to watch the series!! Well, I wouldn't say this is bravery, just the urge to have some minis that didn't exist! I certainly got out of my comfort zone (but I tend to enjoy these crazy things), but if anyone out there ever produce better minis of the cast, I will get them, hehe.

  4. Amazing, pure amazing LOVE THEM! BSG is one of my favourite sci-fi series

    1. Thanks! Glad to hear it! I've enjoyed these pretty much. Nevermind the result, the point here was the very act of daring to sculpt and to join up all the crew :)

  5. I've super impressed with your sculpting abilities. I think they do resemble the characters but, even if they're not mirror images, the sculpts stand on their own. I can't even sculpt a pair of pants, let alone something resembling an entire human. Well done!

    1. Thank you very much! Appreciated, but I lack the real skills, I cannot pretend to really get the characters, as much as I may try. Of course what I'm showing here is the work of a few months, this is a slow trial and error process (with lots of 'error' involved!). But well, it's been fun! That's the real thing :)

  6. though some may not quite look like the character's they were intended to be, they arn't half bad for a budding sculptor's early work, a lot damn sight better then some of the 'proffessionals' from the 70's and 80's thats for sure, and way above anything I could do.

    Well done.

    1. Thank you! Well, of course you have to be aware of the kind of project this is and my limitations. My aim never was to reach professional standards, but to lose fear to greenstuff. It's been quite an experience! Now I must keep on trying! :D

  7. Really great effort! They all look very nice.


    1. Thanks! It's been quite an experiment and an enjoyable endeavour! Glad you like them!

  8. Im not into BSG, but I dont have to be in order to appreciate the work gone into this. Really great.

    1. Thank you very much! I put some hours on these, but the experience was rewarding indeed! :)