Thursday, 5 March 2015

My own dollhouse (Pt. 1)

OK, this got out of my hands, I must confess...

(You can expect anything when I'm starting this way...)

You can see that I got a bar for my board; I got a shop, a warehouse, even a police station... But what's missing on this city? Houses, of course!! People's gotta live somewhere!

I fell in love with the Sarissa Precision Centre Point as soon as I saw it for the first time. I believe that Colin from The Leadpile used it for his Ferrograd project, it's a beautiful piece. So I needed it for Besenval!

Ground floor and access to the building
I guess it's hard to tell from a pic, but the set is really big! It consists of this ground floor, another floor with rooms and the rooftop. I got an additional floor, so it gave the impression of an apartment building or similar. After some rough priming, this was the result:

Cozy two storey place!
Well. Then I got into problems. If these were supposed to be apartments actually inhabited by real people, then they needed some stuff to give that impression! What kind of furniture would I need? What's the minimum needed for this to look for the deal? (Leaving the apartments empty was totally out of the question, just in case you are wondering...)

OK. A bathroom. A bathroom and a bed was the least I thought I had to add. Hmm, easier to say than to do. I've seen some pretty nice furniture, both WC and bedrooms, but I didn't have the patience to place an order and wait (bad planification on my part!). I thought I could improvise something; by now I have tons of MDF rubbish from all these buildings, for sure I could give an use for all those tiny pieces (you see, having painted the A-Team encouraged my lateral thinking...).

These are gonna be shower heads. Yeah, I know Have a little faith...
Beds. A little bit tight, but they give the right-ish impression :P
Wardrobes? Fold-away beds?
Miscellaneous stuff
But I realized I was building houses, not homes. You see, this is what I was talking about when I said this got out of my hands, the moment I begun to think that way... A real home would need a touch, something personal, something that says 'hey, there is an actual person living here'

Pics of your beloved ones!
For sure this must make the difference! :D

I'm still on it, I hope I can show you the rest in a few days... :)


  1. Replies
    1. Hmmm, cool! Not sure if I have the raw materials (and skills!) for those, but they are absolutely worth a try! Thanks!

  2. Cooking area would also be useful: maybe just a hotplate or a "heating cube" and a small refrigerator. The East Asian/land is at a premium answer seems to be something rather like a camp stove. You might also consider a small washing machine and a clothes line, depending on climate. A few clothes hanging on a line on the balcony would make it feel quite homey.

    Very sweet work. I truly do love the pictures. Inspired touch.

    1. Thank you very much! My idea is having just a couple of microwave ovens (or whatever) and wahing machine in the central rooms, those being the common areas. Believe me or not, I already thought of the clothes line, but the sight of myself sculpting 28mm green stuff undies was way too disturbing :D
      For the moment I'll be OK with the mere illusion of a home, but for sure I don't discard making that in a future!

  3. Que buena pinta tienem los inicios. Creo que te pasa como a mi, que no es creíble una casa completamente vacía. Si algún día me compro algo de Sarissa tendrñas que pedirles una comisión.

    1. ¡Gracias! Claro, no consideraba la opción de dejar las habitaciones vacías. De momento me basta con la apariencia de que estén ocupadas, probablemente con el tiempo depure la técnica :D
      De Sarissa sólo tengo buenas palabras, como puedes ver :). Tienen unos kits realmente buenos y sus precios están al mismo nivel que el resto de la competencia. Para mí ha sido todo un acierto y recomiento totalmente la marca.

  4. Wow; looking good so far :)


    1. Thank you! I'm afraid I won't be able to achieve a real functional place, but I hope it will look enough to make the deal. Let's see, let's see...

  5. With your own dollhouse comes the responsibility to paint a Ken and Barbie miniature look alike. ;)
    By the way, that 'dollhouse' looks huge!

    1. Hahaha!! :D :D :D
      The kit is huge indeed! I'm on the final details right now, I'll be able to show overall pics in a couple of days :)