Monday, 9 March 2015

Painting Rivet Wars: The Blight

I've finally finished the rest of the bunch! Now the game is fully operational at last :D

With no further introduction needed, let me show you the Blightun infantry:

Again, there aren't two of them identical
The Blight have two infantry special characters:

Baron Gaston Tankken, with his dread weapon
And Jager Erwin Konig, skillful sniper
When it comes into vehicles, they count on these mobile machine guns, the MG08 Schlitten:

Thought of ainting them more like Uhlans, but they finally ended this way
As well as these lovely Monowheel Dragoons:

I do love these
The star unit for them is, of course, the Sturmpanzer:

Option 1, with Der Cyclops turret
Option 2, General E. Romler on board
So this is the other side of the core box. You saw that the game is fun and easy, but now with painted minis, it can only turn for the better!! We need to try it again!!


  1. Wonderful little things really ! I can't say which side I prefer to be honest !

    One thing though : I cannot see monowheels again without thinking about IT (South park fans know what I mean).

    1. I'm afraid I'm not into South Park. I had to google "IT" for references and now... well... Ehm... you really changed my perspective, ugh!!
      Hate you, man :D

  2. Arrrggghhh! The cuteness is too much! ^_^ Nice work Suber. The horizontally elongated heads somewhat remind me of a matryoshka doll's face.

    1. Haha, you're right! :D I'll try to have a game this weekend, just playing 'pew, pew, kaboom' :D
      Thank you!