Monday, 14 August 2017

Scenery hotchpotch

I'm mixing stuff from different manufacturers today, but all of it will serve the same purpose, crowding my board! 
The first pieces here are made by Valquiria Studio, a relatively new company specialised in coloured translucent resin pieces (among regular resin scenery elements). They don't have hundreds of references, but everything they have is really sweet. Some time ago I got a few tokens kits, a sci-fi one and a post-apoc one. This is what I've done with them:

Power generator and beacons
Control consoles (not all of them properly working!)
Supplies and land mines

Some really nasty looking alien eggs! Yikes!
Then the post-apoc stuff, again with translucent resin

Objective tokens!
 About the cans, just a couple of close-ups, as I did some freehand work on them. The upper one says 'Prandium', which is just Latin for 'food' (not that creative, I'm afraid, but this way I keep it WH40K friendly). About the other two you can see the ubiquitous Blue Sun logo (dual use material it's also Firefly friendly!!):
 The other one is just a bad pun. 'Bona Mala', which one could say means 'Good/Bad' really translates as 'Nice Apples' in Latin. that's it, end of story, my mind plays like that, I cannot avoid it.

Let's move on. Next thing here is from TTCombat, from their urban ranges. They were a gift from a friend, who split up his kits and allowed me to have these cones, a parking machine, a newspaper dispenser and an ATM:

Really sweet stuff, I didn't expect to have these on my board :)

 Finally, street lamps by Fenris Games. Street lamps is something my board is really in need of. I have a few kits on my radar, but these are the first ones I actually get:

I'm the star of the show!
I of course will need more, many more, and more sci-fi looking, but for the moment these will do their part.

This is it for now! My board keeps on growing slowly (and randomly!). Not even me can tell what will come next, but ahhh, that's the charm of it all :D

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Ballads of War 2x10-2x11

Things move forward...


Quite a transition scene today. A reminder of what's been of the rest of the group (they are surprisingly unharmed, the High Farseer really kept his word!) and then back to the strange alliance between Brent and El'Kais. Everybody is on the move, will they meet again?

There's not much else to say about the story, just some Tau fluff that will become relevant later on when we delve a little into El'Kais. All the Tau Caste system had to be introduced slowly, so we have a few hints here and there. Trust me, I (think I) know what I'm doing... :P

More stuff coming soon, all previous pages, as usual, HERE.

Monday, 7 August 2017


For quite some time I've been toying with the idea of adding some more diversity to my games, and specifically to HeroQuest. Well, the thing is, one day, wandering through the Hasslefree web (any sentence starting like that is doomed to end with an empty wallet) I just saw a few minis... and I immedately knew I had a project. It was love at first sight. I was to make female characters so you could choose whatever you wanted. This is what I mean:

The Barbarian

 I know it's supposed to depict that girl from the Vikings TV show, but I don't follow the series, so I know nothing of that character. I just saw the mini and loved it. I didn't want a Red Sonja nor a chainmail bikini, this was exactly what I was looking for. In fact I got two minis! The other one will be converted to become a Rogue Trader adventurer, but that will come in time...
Let's go on:

The Dwarf

 This one took me some more time to choose, but in the end I think she's up to the duty! Probably the helmet is something I would have liked to convert, but she works good enough as it is, so I finally left her just like that.

The Elf

The pose. Oh, it's all about the pose. I love it. A real pleasure to paint. And that goes too for the final one:

The Wizard

I thought of doing some more embroidery on the dress, but I think it works fine as it is. Where the Elf's cloak is a travel garment and I painted it like that, here I tried to show a more 'urban' look, something she would wear for her daily palace intrigues and stuff.

Well, not much else to add, I think you get what I was aiming for here. Just a final picture with her counterparts:

The same but not the same
I hope I have more chances of geting Mrs. Suber into gaming with these! :D
No, seriously, the minis were too good, I needed them. But now I'm tempted of doing things like this with basically each game I own. Oh, now I'm doomed...

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Ballads of War 2x08-2x09

By now you should have learned to expect the unexpected:

Plot twist! I hope it doesn't look too forced, this was in my mind the whole time. El'Kais was always shown way more sympathetic to the humans than the Eldar, and the decision of annihilating civilian population just as a mean to divert Imperial troops from the scenario was totally unacceptable to him. It was important to me to show the differences between xenos. Where the Eldar see all other species as nothing else than expendable cattle, the Tau try to not sacrifice them; not because they have higher morals, but just as a philosophical racial issue for survival.
Eldar see how they've lost their empire, their true identity, how everything they once had did vanish in front of them, and feel threatened by mankind and any other race. Though every Craftworld will have a different approach to the issue, they all see men (and others) as intruders, as lesser races not worth of being compared to them, so they all are eventually expendable.
On the other hand, Tau are at the early stages of their expansion, they cannot afford mass genocide as a valid way of usual relationship with other races. Their first try is always assimilation (and then genocide if that fails), it's the quickest way of building an empire given their resources and means. They don't share that idea of racial purity which inspires all Eldar thoughts, but they rather embrace the concept of conquest and brainwashing, so they can use any people and resources they find. Not that they consider other races as equals, as they cannot make any real progress in Tau society (everyone has a place, but a determined place). In fact all that stuff about the so-called Greater Good is pure bullshit, the way of mass control within the Tau society and towards all the conquered races.
So well, I might have been wrong when I said that Tau don't see humans et al as mere cattle, hmm...

But I digress, as usual. I was talking about Brent on the run and suddenly El'Kais helping him. Apparently Ellinderelion foresaw a number of possible futures and, by provoking this to happen, settled a scheme of events as the least grievious path to his people. That's kind of Machiavellan, but it's exactly the kind of thing you could expect of him. He still will have to prove his ways, but at some future point I was (eventually) going to show the whole course of events and why expelling Brent and making an enemy of his former allies the Tau was to be beneficial to his cause. For the moment just enjoy the unexpected tension!

To follow all what happened to this point, you may use this link.