Ballads of War 2x14-2x15

It is time for some Space Marine action...

I needed to draw some attention on the Blood Angels, so they would not become a mere ex machina for the previous Volume. The action here is but a mere excuse to let me talk about the Chapter, to let the reader know that something is flawed in them. That's a slow (but effective) way of building the character of Brother Sergeant Cleon (who would have had a more relevant role later on). First time we get to hear about something called the Black Rage or the Red Thirst. Important if we're going to have the reddies with us for a while.

The way the action takes place also serves the purpose of showing some nasty, hard to beat pointy ears, and it's totally reivindicative of 2nd Ed rules, in wich, no matter how tough your armour was, taking cover was always a good idea. Seriously, mere common sense; that was lost on 3rd and subsequent editions.

But... what's happening on the last panel? Oh, man, yet another surprise...

While it is uncovered, HERE you can read how we came all the way to this.


  1. Ha, ha! Thank You for the next part of story :)

  2. I love that frame showing a Marine getting cut up by the shuriken catapult fire. It is a very visceral image (no pun intended).

    1. Haha, thank you! Well, even the Astartes fall under some really heavy fire!