Ramshackle minis for a ramshackle district

A new batch of civilians incoming! I'm on fire!

This time they belong to the Ramshackle Games ranges, one of the most daring and interesting companies in the sector right now. The man behind, Curtis, combines his sculpting skills with an amazing sight to fill in market niches with really interesting stuff. Check his KS campaigns, always innovating, always bringing something you hadn't even thought about!

OK, enough ads :D, let's get on the minis.

First of all, this Imperial Clerk, Winston Lofage:
Tax collector would be my guess

The white robe identifies him as part of the Administratum (I really wanted to paint him green, but that's the Adeptus Astra Telepathica colour, so white it had to be...). Just the mere idea of having a tax collector is enough for a scenario, in wich the Arbites have to escort him before the crazy crowd lynch him...

Now time for some muties, I still hadn't any:
The kind face of the district

Nomad wanderer coming from the ash wastes outside the city

Stuff for children's nightmares
I had some xenos and beasts, but still no mutants; they are quite an important part of the Warhammer 40,000 urban imaginary, so I was in need of some.

I also needed some more workpower for the docks...
Servitor XR 71

I may need some more servitors as well as regular workers, the idea looks appealing.

We also have Hugh Lamorley, another of the usual suspects, looking for anything edible :P
There is no bat on the t-shirt, it was supposed to be a two-headed Eagle

Now some different goodies. Curtis was so kind to add some extras. I ordered one pack of evil monkeys (Ok, I know, but they looked so funny... I couldn't resist!), but he sent me two! So great! I soon replaced some of the weapons so there were no two identical apes.
They know the secret of Monkey Islandtm
Still not quite sure of what role they may play, but what the hell, this is all about the fun, I guess I'll eventually figure out something!

I also ordered one Matilda the teacher and got two instead :). I thought of the possibilities. First thing that came to mind was to make two siamese sisters.
How disturbing would it have been? Two of these joined by the hip or something

But I learned that it would have been a mess trying to take the mini apart. I came with another solution. I cut the mini so I spared the torso apart. Deep in my bits box I knew I still kept the legs from a Zombicide mini (which I had turned into a crawling zombie torso). So my Diogenes syndrome served me right! ;) Apparently at some time I also had a Necromunda Escher girl which has sadly disappeared through the mst of the years :( I only kept her left leg! Well, so the left leg it is!
So new Miss Rottenmeier has become a badass ganger!

She certainly let down her hair!


But... What was I going to do with the remaining bottom part of the mini? I found an Eldar female torso and a Cultist head from the Dark Vengeance kit. With some additional greenstuff, this is what I got:

Lady Gaga has come to the Dark Millenium. She never left, I guess
So this is it! New population to dwell in the Besenval Port area! This is slowly growing, ain't it? Still more to come!


  1. wow some great conversions there, well done.

    1. Thank you! I've tried to get them some RT vibe :)

  2. Nice one mate :) That last one would make a good Sith heh

    1. Haha, a Sith, I didn't think about that :D
      Thanks, pal, glad you like them :)

  3. Super Cool Minis! I really love the one with the Batman T-shirt..oh I mean the two-headed-eagle T-shirt !

  4. Super Cool Minis! I really love the one with the Batman T-shirt..oh I mean the two-headed-eagle T-shirt !

    1. You never know where you are gonna meet one of those geeks, do you? :D

      Seriously, thanks! :)

  5. Great minis and nice brush work.

    I am a huge fan of Curtis' minis.

    1. Thanks! They arre really sweet, Curtis has some really witty ideas (and ranges in constant growth!). Totally recommended.

  6. slayer monkeys???, you are my private god.

    i love this project and the superb work you are doing .

    1. :D :D :D
      Credit is not mine, I just painted them! Thank you, glad you enjoy my silly work! :)

  7. Great stuff. I love the "Lady Gaga" :)

    I'm not really a fan of the Ramshackle stuff, personally, but you have made an interesting and pleasing group of space scum here - great work :)


    1. Thanks! What I found appealing about these minis is that they are really inspired. Curtis has quite a personal style, I thought it could fit in my project -that's right, you nailed it, the space scum general aspect makes them great!

    2. They are just not for me I guess! ;) As said, you have done a nice job of them.