Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Space Maori tatoo parlor

I've been working on more Carcharodons these days, so I can show you more finished stuff. The first one is most likely the easiest conversion of all, this being the starting point:

The Wolverine 40K Edition
The menacing pose works, so I just had to do some arrangements...

Essentially the same
The spiky claws work fine on Space Sharks, so I left them. Then I tried to give the mini some cultural flavour. The pose calls for a bare head. I tried to sculpt a tongue sticking out, in the Maori style, but I simply couldn't do it. Too small. So the man screaming will have to do. I sculpted some hair and turned the blood drops shaped gems into Maori hei toki, the traditional jade pendants.
When it came to colours, I knew for sure that I had to paint some facial tatoos and not only honour markings on the armour.

Free hugs
A little bit tricky, but it works at a distance!

But also has scary patterns on those hands

Let's go for another pal. This is the original model:

Could you tell me the time, please?
Well, this time I tried something different, yet keeping the pokey pokey idea.

I defeated the Swordmaster of Melee Islandtm
This one is the most Imperial-ish looking guy so far, with all those eagles and stuff. I didn't want to take them apart, as I do like the Aquila and it's clearly a distinctive feature. But he needed some Maori flavour...

He looks angry
But this is not all. I made a third one! I started with this:

It wasn't me! It was him!
Hmm. I kept that raised shoulder, but changed the interpretation of the mini:

I couldn't find another gun
It looks better with some paint on it
Once again I had to rely on the brushwork to give him the touch
I thought the facial tatoo pattern on the helmet could work, and I'm quite happy with the concept. I will repeat the idea on future minis.

So the Veteran Squad has six members now:

Ooops. I apparently need to do some additional work on those bases for coherence
Well, this is starting to look like something! Yet more to come!


  1. WoooooW! What a great looking squad my friend!

    1. Thank you! They are beginning to look like a proper squad!

  2. Holy freakin' awesome sauce!
    Those look great Suber. Just in time for Kill Team too!

    1. Thanks! That's my temptation nowadays ;)

  3. Really great work, creativity and skill in equal measure :) Great stuff dude.

    1. Thank you very much! It's a fun, crazy project, I cannot but go on!

  4. These look absolutely great mate! I love them

    1. Thank you! They are beginning to develop a personality of their own, I find it interesting finding it out as I convert and paint :)

  5. Stunning looking unit, awesome individuals!
    Best Iain

    1. Thank you! It's an interesting, fun process, just to see how you can make them look unique yet coherent. Pretty enjoyable!

  6. Great work Suber ... you've made them unique and did fantastic paint work on them!

    1. Thank you! It’s my humble attempt of doing something different and bringing cultural diversity to the aesthetics of the minis. Glad you like them!